Your Mask

With Emma Queen

Your Mask

Your mask.

You wear it well huh?

You know what I am talking about too, hey ?

The smile you plaster on your face, when inside you are really shattered.
The fake laugh you make, when inside you want to scream.
The breath you hold, when you see that thing/person/situation.

The face that is now a mask.

Don’t show vulnerability.
Don’t show people that you aren’t coping.
How dare people see that you are tired.
Don’t allow your friends to see that you are not superman/superwoman.
Stiff upper lip and all that sh*t.

Don’t be NORMAL for f**** sake!

Your mask is now a normal part of your life. You even feel bare without it. You have in fact, forgotten who you are and want you want for YOU.

Yep, you have forgotten that you are normal. Forgotten that its ok to put your hand up and say that you feel sh*tty, and you need a hand.

The mask removed feels lighter.
The mask removed is really you.
The mask removed is who you really want to be.
The mask removed is the authentic you.

Trust your gut, get help and care less…to care even more.

Emma x

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