You like it

With Emma Queen

You like it

You are in pain. You are suffering. You are feeling heavy, sluggish and tired.

You know you can help yourself, but you are too busy to make the change you know you need.

You are too preoccupied with getting that thing done, sorted, organised, finished.

You also know you can ask for help and reckon everyone must feel this way, too. The people around you agree. They feel the same. You look around and everyone is just getting along with it. Complaining but not changing anything.

You are trudging along with brief moments of relief.

Those Friday nights with a bottle of wine and the kids in bed.

The holiday you have booked in 82 days time – you know because you are counting those days down. You can imagine what it’s like to get off the treadmill and take that break. The relief is coming, isn’t it?

Using that gift voucher you got for your birthday, that you booked just in time before it ran out. Embracing those couple of hours getting your toes done and finally sitting down without interruption.

Oh, the relief.

Living for those moments.

But yet, there is a voice telling you that there must be something ‘else’?

No, no…. that’s impossible. This is all there is because everyone else is doing it, aren’t they?

This pain. This heavy feeling. The exhaustion. YOU LIKE IT.

There. I said it. You absolutely LIKE it.

Why would I say such a thing? Surely no-one loves feeling like this?


You do.

It’s familiar. It’s what you know. You are used to the feelings. You are so used to them, they now feel good.

Why? Because you ‘know’ what it feels like. And that pain is like an old friend every time you return from your holiday. Every time you return home to the mess the kids made. Every time.

It’s familiar and comforting.

You have also forgotten there is more.

You have forgotten that you can feel light.

You have forgotten that you can feel energised.

You have forgotten.

And that’s ok. You are human and you will forget. You are normal and you will put everyone first.

I’ve just reminded you that you must LIKE these feelings. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t constantly have them. Would you?

If you didn’t like the feeling of constant tiredness, you would change it.

If you didn’t like the brain-fog the day after that bottle of wine, you would change it.

If you didn’t like being preoccupied and too busy, you would change it.

So what is the answer?


You are the answer.

Stop liking that sh*t. Stop liking the internal whinging. Stop liking the struggle. Stop liking that things are ‘hard’ and meant to be this way.

Start liking feeling light. Start liking ‘change’. Start liking the ease of life.

If you believe something is easy, then it can be.

If you don’t believe me, believe it for 24 hours. Believe life can be easy for just 24 hours and see what happens. What have you got to lose by trying?

You get what you focus on, my friend.

Imagine the possibilities if things were easy?

What? ‘It’s not possible’, I hear you say.

Well, don’t give it a go then. Walk away and keep feeling like crap and get back on that treadmill of life.

Or not.

Believe. Try. Have faith.

Get ease into your life.



Emma xx

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