You can manage your stress

With Emma Queen

You can manage your stress

I get asked by many people, “I am stressed out, how do I change this?” Or at the very least…I see people with the world on their shoulders – and they are so lost in the fear they don’t know where to go.

Managing your state can be easier than you realise. And it’s all available to you. Right now. ????

Let’s use a Positive Psychology model – in times of crisis we can manage the way we are/how we react by utilising some basic self-care principles:

???????? Getting 7 to 8 hours sleep (bare minimum)

???????? Giving your body good hydration and good nutrition

???????? Having good social support (friends/family loving you/cheering/supporting you)

Now…normally if ONE of these basic principles is not being met – you can get away with it.However, in times of stress and crisis, you NEED TO DO ALL THREE!

You need this to have the energy to get through those times – it’s a no-brainer. ????

Emma x