With Emma Queen


So the last few weeks have been a little cray cray with the book coming out and I expect this to continue for a while yet. So keep your seat belt on peeps!

Throughout moments during my day (usually after a swim or after spending time in nature) words pop into my head.

So today’s blog post is probably a little different to my usual chats.

I often think about who I am. Or I think about human nature and how we ARE what we say we are. We are a product of our own identity. And if this theory is true, who am I being? What words can I attach who I want to be? Gosh I think you are starting to get an insight on my daily thoughts…eeeek!

I came up with a lot last week. The most important one I did post on the FB page. See Pic.




These words currently embody what I do probably every day.

I am living my life. Its awesome! Yes shit happens, but quite honestly when the shit hits the fan I deal with it way more effectively than I did a few years ago. I believe this is because I believe in myself. I believe in what I do and take no shit from people who don’t agree with me. I am well aware of people’s opinions, but their opinion about what I do/say/be is not relevant to me – as I am the one living my life. Not them. Its also interesting that people tend not to say anything now… they are poking their nose in less and less and its a fab feeling! Wooot!

Lesson here? Believe in you. Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself.

Giving. Gosh I love to give! I love to give all day, and everyday. I love to give my love, my time, my learnings, my advice, my energy and probably other things I can’t think of right now. But the main difference to just a couple of years ago…is that I do indeed GIVE. But I do it with boundaries and self care.

So I do say no to people, as I am aware that if you give too much and you don’t look after yourself – you can burn-out, get resentful or just plain shitty. Use the oxygen mask theory if you like – you gotta put that mask on yourself first on an airplane… to care for others.

Loving. My fave. I really do believe the answer to everything is LOVE. Call me deluded, I will still love you. Call me crazy, yep there is still love coming from me. Self love and loving/supporting others is imperative in my life. Loving without expecting back – that’s a biggie. So many people in this world will love to get something in return. NO. This isn’t a trade off.

You love to love. Not to get back. Its such a simple thing and so many people forget it. Yes the answer is indeed LOVE.

Now of course this post isn’t actually about me. Its the writing about me that has gotten you thinking.

What words sum up your life? If you could pick just 3, what would they be? Its fascinating that when you get clear on your purpose/words how much of your life makes sense (and then you want to do more of that).

Feel free to copy all mine if you like. They are free for anyone to use. See I do like giving and loving…

I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Emma xx

p.s The secrets to getting sh*t done membership website is nearly here! It will be launched in the next 24 hours!! Stay tuned… I got some awesome things coming up.

p.p.s The book is still available on www.secretstogettingshitdone.com for just $29.99