Why you love to sit in your past. Oh, and why you will stay there

With Emma Queen

Why you love to sit in your past. Oh, and why you will stay there

**327 words to wake you up today**

Think about this for a moment:

???? By the time you are 35 years old, 90% of what you do/say/think are repetitive hardwired actions in your brain.
???? Just like a computer program, your choices and emotional reactions/beliefs are in there.
???? Your identity has been created by doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts over and over again.
???? Your experiences produce the same emotions, and you condition your body FROM THE PAST.
???? This makes you predictable in life and you go into autopilot.

You will only change when your ‘will’ is greater than the program you are running.

You will only change when you change your energy.

The bad news? Your entire state of being is in the past. And your mind LOVES it.

Why? Because it’s predictable and safe.

When we get uncomfortable you get uneasy, yes?
Something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, yes?

Yet, when we step outside of ourselves and the constraints of the past – we feel great! And if we don’t…? What a great lesson has been had.

More bad news – you will remain in a ‘victim’ state, the moaning/whinging/whining/not taking responsibility for your life. Because your mind loves the comfortability of it.

Ok, there is good news (!) You can change, if you get outside of yourself.

What does that mean?

It means ‘noticing’ what you do when a certain thing happens (triggers you). Notice how you react, what you say out loud (and to yourself) and how you feel about it. Ask yourself if this is an old behaviour (Hint – it is) and ask yourself if you want these emotions to belong in your future?

To get to the future you want in life, you have to create a new one. And for some people, this does mean a new personality.

How are you creating your future today?

???? Peace and love ✌️
Emma xx