Where your attention goes, energy flows

With Emma Queen

Where your attention goes, energy flows

What are your thoughts on this?

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

I first heard it at a Tony Robbins event many years ago, but these days I see it on a deeper level.

We are all energy.
What we focus on, grows.
What we place our attention on, also grows.

Focus on good stuff? You’ll find more good stuff.
Focus on bad shit, you’ll find more bad shit.

???? Your amazing brains have this thing called a Reticular Activating System (RAS) that helps us filter all the things we process.

There are millions of bits of information going on at any one time. Your brain cannot process all of them. ????

???? So what does it do? It filters all the bits down to manageable chunks. Depending on where you get your research, this can be down to 5-7 bits at a time…or when you’re emotional…1-3 bits. ????

Your focus gets super narrowed doesn’t it?

In fact, it gets worse! When you are under the stress response (fight, flight,freeze) your IQ can drop by up to 50% in just 7 minutes. #wtf ????????

Which means, decision making will suck for you.


So, back to where you place your attention (focus).

Look at your emotional state and notice what you see (or don’t see) and where can you shift your attention.

Can you focus elsewhere?
Can you shift your thoughts to another bit of information?
What happens when your emotions get involved?

I wonder.