What you are doing wrong when you practice gratitude

With Emma Queen

What you are doing wrong when you practice gratitude

I know. I know. 

How can you go wrong when it comes to gratitude? Surely any practice is better than no practice? Well, kinda…

So, let’s have a quick chat about this. 

I know that some of you reading, may do a gratitude practice of sorts. You may write a list of the things you are thankful for, journal it out or simply think about what you are grateful for throughout the day. And of course, this is great! Your brain cannot do stress and gratitude at exactly the same time. It’s physiologically impossible. Yes – you can switch between them, but give it a go – you can’t do them both at the same time. 

However, I know that some of you (me too, a while ago) would treat it like another task to be done. A bit like something to tick off your list for the day. Wouldn’t you agree?  ????

Is this wrong? Well, I think so. When it comes to expressing gratitude and really FEELING it, a list won’t really cut it. You need to get super focused. 

Feeling a real sense of thankfulness for a particular thing/person/emotion means that you need to get highly emotional. Yes. That goosebump feeling. That flutter in your tummy. That charge through your body. The physical sensation. 

That makes the difference to your mental health. ????

That creates a different vibration.

That creates a different energy.

Doesn’t it? 

And you know what I am talking about, don’t you? It’s a huge difference from writing a list to tearing up for what you are grateful for. 

So, why not try writing down 3 things you are thankful for. But this time, don’t walk away from the 3 things until you have felt the emotion on a physical level. If you feel ‘meh’ about the things – they are not powerful enough. So try it again. 

When we are grateful and really feel it within – it radiates around us. ????

When we regularly practise deep gratitude – magic happens. ✨

We raise our vibration, and people start to ask you what are you doing differently? They’ll want to know your secret. ????

And you can then share this information with them.

Emma x