What would happen if you decided

With Emma Queen

What would happen if you decided

What would happen if you just decided?

Like, actually decided.

To do the thing.

Yeh, you know what thing I am talking about.

That thing.
Yeh, I know you said that you had already decided.
Yeh, I know that you have claimed that you have already decided.
Yeh, I know that you ‘think’ you have.
But, look…it’s me you are talking to. And I know that you haven’t actually done that.


And that’s ok.
Because you can still do it.

But I am trying to!
I’ve tried to many, many times.
I have tried so hard.

I can hear you saying this as you are reading. And you think I don’t believe you.

And that’s partly true. Because if you had really decided…you wouldn’t be reading this still. So, no – I don’t believe you.

What if you decided with every cell in your body – what would change?
What if you decided and said ‘fuck it’ – what could change?
What if?

My friend, you have decided before, and it’s worked.
You have decided many times, and things have changed.
You have done this before.

And you just forgot.

Own it.
Wear it with pride.
Move forward with that ‘knowing’ deep in your soul.