What the bloody hell am I doing?

With Emma Queen

What the bloody hell am I doing?

What the bloody hell am I doing?

I know you have asked this question to yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this sentence.

So what the bloody hell ARE you doing?

I can bet you a cool million bucks, that most of the time, you have no idea what you are doing. Do you?

Well actually, I am talking to me right now. But really it’s also you. Isn’t it? Anyway…

For the best part, I have a fair clue about what I am doing. When you work for yourself…you kinda ‘have’ to have a plan or you don’t get an income right? In saying that, I also have times when I have NO IDEA.

Confusing much? Sh*t yes.

So if you don’t know what you are doing, what are you actually doing? Faffing around pretending you know what you are doing perhaps? Looking ‘busy’. Saying you are ‘busy’ when in fact, you want to hide at home with a wine and Netflix. Faking it? Or maybe faking the ‘faking’ bit. I don’t know. Or maybe I do.

Confusing much? Sh*t yes.

I know then when I am going around in circles, being ‘busy’… I am making it all too easy to NOT take responsibility for my life/my feelings/thoughts/actions.

Not taking responsibly is EASY. Still confused?

But! No! Taking responsibility is the proper thing to do!

Gosh, all that ‘adulting’ can be wearing on you huh? I know I get torn between wanting to be an embryo to wanting to be Queen of the world myself at times too.

Taking responsibility is taking and owning your POWER. Blaming others, pointing the finger and allowing others to take your power…is bullsh*t. It’s YOUR power. How dare they take it! (actually you allow them to take it…)

So how do you know if you are, in fact, taking responsibility in your life?

I’ll help you out on a few pointers…

1. You know who you are and you know what you want.

You have a purpose in life (you could have more than one too), you know your values and make decisions based up on that. Don’t know how to do that? Keep reading, plus I have a free download you can use to work this out.

When you know what you want from life, you can take responsibility for each decision/action you take. Setting and achieving goals becomes easier too.

2. You don’t blame others.

Blaming is totes easy and it’s a trap that we fall into. When we blame, we are essentially saying that we don’t know how to rectify the situation. By not blaming others you stay in your power. Just something to note though…even if someone else messed up – it’s unlikely that they purposely messed up.

Choose to empower, rather than attack.

3. You don’t blame yourself

Just because we don’t blame other people, it doesn’t mean we blame ourselves right? Blame weakens those involves and blocks any rational thought and creativity. There is no need to ‘punish’ anyone; you need to solve the issue. This is taking responsibility.

4. You are honest with yourself

First up – give up all the excuses! These are just stories anyway, that you pass off as facts to try to convince yourself that you do not need to change! These excuses are things like; I am too old/young/busy, I can’t afford it, those things don’t happen to people like me.

Stop the excuses, cut out the bullsh*t and take responsibility.

5. You know you have choices

A bloody ridiculous story we tell ourselves is that ‘I didn’t have a choice’. When we do sh*t that we regret or something we should not have done we use this excuse. We have this strange notion that it absolves us of all responsibility for our decisions.

There is always choice. Just know that.

Yes, it can be an unpleasant one and it may feel like there is no realistic alternative…but you do have to make a choice. And it’s yours. So own it.

I’d like to add a note here about no-one being perfect here. All humans have flaws and this is one of them – that we often don’t get right all of the time. So don’t aim for perfection.

You are imperfectly perfect you know…

I mentioned in point 1 about living with purpose, on the My Time. My Life. membership website, if you head over there to the ‘Free Sh*t’ section or put your email on the pop-up that appears – I will email you a free Life-Planner. The first section will help you decide what your values are, plus the videos you will get emailed weekly will also help you work this out. This is my gift to you.

Emma xx