What is alignment and how do you achieve it?

With Emma Queen

What is alignment and how do you achieve it?

I was journalling on ‘alignment’ not quite three years ago – see the pic and something occurred to me. 

Being in alignment in myself, as a parent, in my biz and all other areas of my world is something I continually work on. It’s not easy, but… anyone can do it. 

But before I get into how what does alignment actually mean? 

  • To be in alignment with your best self implies all aspects of ourselves are in harmony and functioning well.
  • We operate in different realms at the same time. We’re spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical beings at the same time.

When all aspects of ourselves are operating to serve our highest good, we’re in alignment.

When we’re in alignment, we’ll experience the following:

  • Greater levels of joy, self-expression and creativity.
  • Less turmoil or chaos.
  • Lower levels of stress.
  • Higher self-control or self-discipline.
  • More peace and satisfaction.

When we’re in alignment, things are effortless. We can also reach optimum productivity and performance a lot easier.

And who doesn’t want that???

So how does one start getting into alignment? Great question…and there are a few ways:

  • Define who you’d be if you’re being your best self. We need to have clarity first on what it means to us. What would be happening, and how would we operate daily? Who are you? What do you stand for in life? Who do you want to be? 
  • Get the right kind of support. Good people around you that support, love and cheer you on. This could also be a coach, therapist or mentor. These people will guide you and get you back on track (which will happen)
  • LET THE F*CK GO – yep, you heard me. Let go of preconceived ideas of how things ‘should’ be. Let go of expectations of others and yourself. I’ll repeat this – LET GO—no forcing ANYTHING and having faith and trust in yourself and your decisions. 
  • Pay attention! We have to trust life is happening for us instead of to us. If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. Tapping into our intuition is a powerful way to connect to our higher self. Yes, that ‘gut’ feeling if you will.

Our biggest clue if we’re in alignment is how we feel every day. If we don’t feel joy or have purpose and meaning behind what we’re doing, it means we’re out of alignment.

So, are you out of alignment? How do you know? 

What could you change? 

p.s the image here was the start of a journalling session, and yes, my last name change was an ‘idea’ that I sat with for 12 months before legally changing it.