What do you believe?

With Emma Queen

What do you believe?

Hey there

Did you know I believe in you?

I believe in your hopes and dreams.

I believe in your potential.

I believe in your fears.

I believe in your talents.

I believe in you.

But you know what? I think you may have forgotten that you have potential.

And that’s ok, because you can remember.

Go back to those days when you had no worries, no cares and freedom. For some people it could be very young, and that’s ok too. Imagine what it felt like. If you can remember, what music was playing back then? What happens when you listen to it now? Does it make you happy? Does it make you want to move?

What else where you doing then? What could you do NOW to copy that?

What were your dreams then? What did you do regularly that you enjoyed? I know for myself I would lose myself in books and write in diaries. Funny now that I didn’t do that for many years and now I actually write books!

What did you create when you were a child? What did you do before you were told it was a waste of time by an adult or someone else? What was it?

Go back. Remember. Then do.

Remind yourself of your potential. Your dreams. Your goals.

Then align yourself with people who have similar dreams.

Need a hand? Message me on emma@emmap.com.au I know I can help.

Chat soon

Emma xx

p.s The book is still on wait-list, but you can still purchase on www.secretstogettingshitdone.com today!