Cheat-Sheet for life

If you were to write a cheat-sheet about life, what would you say? Mine would go like this: * Love yourself * Love others * Be kind * Believe in yourself * Smile * Take risks * Fail often * Hang out in nature often * Read * Learn and ask questions, then APPLY that…
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Freedom. What image does this encapsulate for you? I know that when I think of it… I see Mel Gibson in Braveheart. FREEDOM! Remember that film? So what does it mean to YOU? What is freedom? Is it financial? Is it freedom from your job/relationship/insert your thing here. Is it having the freedom to ‘think’…
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You like it

You are in pain. You are suffering. You are feeling heavy, sluggish and tired. You know you can help yourself, but you are too busy to make the change you know you need. You are too preoccupied with getting that thing done, sorted, organised, finished. You also know you can ask for help and reckon…
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