Tweak, then tweak some more

With Emma Queen

Tweak, then tweak some more

As I journaled this morning, I realised (again) that I truly believe my own bullshit. I know. I know.

I must talk about this often. And guess what? If you are resonating with this already…you probably do too.

Our mind takes no sides. It tells stories, and for the most part, these are make-believe. And essentially, it makes shit up.

And before you say ‘no way,’ – stop for a moment and consider what you say to yourself daily. Is it all true? And be super honest with yourself here…cos remember what I said in the first place? #bs

Tune in and really listen.
Is it true that you feel a certain way about what happened with X person? Or are you telling yourself a story? Is your ego trying to protect you? Or are you simply mimicking behaviour learnt from someone?

Is it true that you are angry at a situation? Whereas you are really angry at yourself for getting into that situation?

Is it true that you tell yourself you can’t do something, where in fact it’s something to have said to yourself for years now – and you have taken on to be true?

Listen to your patterns of language and behaviour.
Do it without judgement (hard, I know…!)
Allow yourself to tune in and tweak.
Tweak the thought pattern to something that serves you.
Tweak the action that follows it.
Notice if it’s on rote. Notice if it’s something you just ‘do’ without consideration.
Then tweak it.
Then tweak it again.
And keep going.

Will it be hard? Probably.
Is it simple? I think so, especially as you notice a shift and want to do this more often.

Tweak and tweak again.

Yell out if you get stuck. I got you.
Emma x