The law of assumption

With Emma Queen

The law of assumption

The law of assumption is the means by which the fulfilment of your desires may be realised.

What does this mean?

Every moment of your life, consciously or unconsciously – you are assuming a feeling.

You can no more avoid assuming a feeling that you avoid eating or drinking. All you can do is control the nature of your assumptions.

[Direct quote from The Power of Awareness – Neville Goddard]

Dr Wayne Dyer talks about this in his work, too – assume the feeling (wish) is already fulfilled. And this, my friend, is where we fuck it up.

We want to know the ‘how’, the ‘do’, and we overlook this law’s simplicity.

What if you just assumed that your dreams would come true?
That your ideas would come to fruition?
How would you act or react?
What would change?

A great way to use this law is to allow yourself to have the feeling of having achieved that goal. No, not just a piece of paper with a date and a tick-list on it. REALLY FUCKING FEEL into it!!

Enter the scene of your dream in your mind and feel what you’d feel if (when) you achieved it. Would you have goosebumps? Would you have a tingly feeling in your tummy? What would you see? Hear? Taste? What would you be telling yourself? Make this scene incredibly vivid – and if you aren’t getting a feeling in your body, keep going until you do. Imagine this scene is REAL. Live the scene. FEEL it.

Then repeat as often as you like.
Or not. ????

So, what are you assuming into your life?
I’d love to know.

Emma x