The language of breath

With Emma Queen

The language of breath

The language of breath.

Since my course last week on meditation and breathwork – I have tuned into people’s language on this. Let me give you a few examples;

I need to catch my breath.
I need space to breathe.
I need the room to breathe.
I need breathing space.
I need breathing room.
Let me just breathe for a moment.

You understand now, yes?

I reckon you’d hear yourself saying things like this too? And yes, many of these sayings are around actual feelings of needing to breathe physically, but for the most part, they are habitual sayings.

And that’s what I want to focus on today.

If you have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I talk about what we tell ourselves (a lot) and that I say ‘you are what you say you are’. So, let’s consider the ‘breath’ sayings.

Breath = life
Breath = trusting ourselves

Without oxygen, how long would you last? Minutes for most people. Yet we are telling ourselves that we need to breathe, or we need space.

So, I hear that as starving ourselves (metaphorically) of our life source. I also translate this as not trusting ourselves.

Why is that?

Because for most of us, we don’t have complete faith in ourselves.
We need the ‘space to breathe’ because our self-care is shot, and we are either trying to catch up or behind what/who we need to be.

The answer? As with most things I talk about…awareness is the first step. Tuning into our self-talk, are you using these terms a lot?

Then recognising what we could work on or change.

Is it just breathing (physically) more? And yes, if you stay tuned… I can help you with this.

Is it self-care 101 again? I say again because we all forget that we need to care for ourselves. Go back to what works. Is it nature? Grounding yourself, being mindful or getting time/space to ourselves?

Breathing (correctly) naturally allow oxygen to flow through the body, and this (we know) is a great thing! It will enable our bodies to heal, to ‘feel’ and, of course, allows us to think correctly and make better decisions.

When we jump into fight/flight (see past blogs on this), the body gets ready to fight or run. Adrenaline is pumped through the body, and oxygen increases (preparing us to get the F outta dodge or fight that metaphorical bear).


For the most part, we don’t actually need to do this. But our bodies will react in the same way it has done for thousands of years. This is why you will find yourself holding your breath or hyperventilating.

So – the good news is that all of this is normal. Your body is reacting the way it should do under stress. TO KEEP YOU SAFE. To keep you alive.

The bad news is that your body can start to take over, and you forget that you can control this.

Full and proper breathing allows you to think better. It calms the nervous system down. It will enable you to feel in control.

The answer?

Just breathe. You’ll work it out in the end.

Emma x

p.s I will write more about this subject in the coming months.