The F Word

With Emma Queen

The F Word

Yes my friend, we are going to talk about the F word.

A lot.

So strap yourself in.

This word gets thrown around more than you realise.

If affects you more than you know.

It stops you more often than you realise.

Nope it’s not even a curse word. That word is nothing in comparison to this real F word.

So what is it?


In particular, your fear.

Your fear of not moving forward. Your fear makes excuses. Your fear stops you from making decisions. Your fear stops you in your tracks. Your fear overwhelms you.

Yes this F word is far more powerful than the word ‘fuck’.

I find it interesting that people will get upset over a word, yet stop themselves from achieving amazing shit through their fear stopping them. Riiight.

What do you fear?

I covered it in an earlier blog this year…so I won’t repeat myself. You can read it HERE though.

Your fear stops you from recognising your potential. Your fear stops you stepping out of your comfort zone. Your fear stops you speaking up. Your fear is fucking boring.

You know of course, I am talking to myself here. Or am I? If the cap fits….?

I am bored of hearing the same old story. I am bored of hearing the same ol’ shit. I am bored of seeing the same patterns play out time and time again. I am fucking bored and I am over it/me/you/whoever.

Even writing this brings up fears for me. What will people think? Will they think it’s too harsh? Will they unfriend/unsubscribe from me? Emma, you can’t write and publish this ­ what will happen? Whatever by brain has conjured up is probably not as bad as what could. So what if I lose a couple of people? I am speaking my truth.

Anyway, is this worse than what you tell yourself on a daily basis? Probs not.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. This was a book I read years ago by the late Susan Jeffers. Pretty bloody good too ­ fear will always be there. So do it anyway.

Dance with the fear. Turn the fear into your dance partner and move it around with you…you already know the steps hey?

Don’t be that person. Don’t be that boring person always doing the same thing. Same shit ­ different day blah blah.

Be the change. Dance with the fear and who knows, maybe you could change your life?

Emma xx

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