The duck f*ckers – How I got a bad book review and how it helped me realise how brave I am

With Emma Queen

The duck f*ckers – How I got a bad book review and how it helped me realise how brave I am

The duck f*ckers – How I got a bad book review and how it helped me realise how brave I am. (Amongst other things)

Allow me to explain. 

I started writing books around 6/7 years ago as I had a lot to say, and books were the easiest way to get the message out there. I wrote A LOT of books. And a couple of them were formally published (if you want them, head to Amazon and look for my name). This post isn’t about selling more books, although I wouldn’t be unhappy about this. 

Anyhoo – I wrote a lot of words, and for the most part, it helped me heal from the past. The bonus was that people read these books (and still do), and they told me they helped. Awesome! 

At first, I couldn’t afford an editor and quite simply didn’t want to get caught up in the details of this – otherwise, I would have chickened out and not put anything out there. It’s the weirdest thing putting a book out there – ALL THE FEARS surface, and it’s pretty confronting thinking that people will read your words. It took a lot of courage to hit publish, and as the books came out of me…this didn’t get any easier! I did ‘ok’ at school in English, but even today, I learn new words, spelling and where to put a bloomin’ comma. So I have written all of my books to the best of my written talent. I have no clue about the ‘proper’ ways to write, and I even state this in the intros of my books. YET – it doesn’t seem to make a difference! The books sold well and still do – it’s all about the message, isn’t it? 

Over time I would get feedback on some things I had written (fact checks), and I amended the books on the next print run. I am FAR FROM PERFECT and have learnt to take this as feedback, not criticism. Again, let me reiterate – I have a basic school education and in no way claim to be anything else. BUT – if I felt that I needed a particular education level to write books, I probably wouldn’t have written a word in fear of judgment. 

Several years ago, I remember being at a charity event, giving my book away in a charity raffle. I could see a man behind me, reading the back of my book – looking at me and checking it was, in fact, me on the back (lol). Anyway, he came up to me and said, ‘what gives you the qualification to write a book?’ I looked him dead in the eye and said, ‘I have a PhD in awesomeness!’. He was speechless and mumbled something about his writing degree and how he was a journalist. I just smiled and asked him if he wanted a copy. He declined. I still chuckle at this memory. 

Imagine if I waited for perfection to write anything? 

Imagine if I waited to ‘get things right’ in my business? 

Imagine if I worried about my spoken word with my clients and business? 

Imagine if I questioned myself about my lack of education? 


Now switch it to you. 

What are you waiting for all those ducks to be in a row for? 

Top tip: Those duck f*ckers don’t line up often. In fact, the mother duck keeps walking ahead and doesn’t look back. #poorducks

What are you NOT doing and looking at others in envy with? 

What are you NOT focusing on because you wait for the effin’ ducks to line up? 

What are you NOT committing to? 

What are you criticising other people for when you are lying on the lounge with a new Netflix show? 

Ok. Ok. If you want to do the above – go about your day. 

BUT, I reckon if you have read this far, you might be open to something else. You might be open to creating change. You might be open to expanding yourself. 

Don’t listen to the lies you are telling yourself. The story of WHY you can’t do or go for a specific thing. 


What about telling yourself a better lie? 

Start re-write the story you are telling yourself. 

Where to start? Well, I think you know what I am going to say. 

Just. Start. 

Emma xx

p.s Want to read the bad book review? Ask, and you shall receive!