The 7 reasons you forgot why you started your own business Part 1

With Emma Queen

The 7 reasons you forgot why you started your own business {Part 1}

Its been 7 years in this current business and yes…I still forget from time to time why I made the decision to be self-employed. Granted, these moments usually happen when I am tired, sick, haven’t been looking after myself, *insert other personal drama here.
Sometimes I question myself as I transition through another level of income too. I often find there is a bit of pain associated with this transition as I let go of old beliefs/old identities/sh*t. As long as I persevere – I get through to the other side and so it all starts again. I have come to accept and even expect it now.
So I have written this blog for you (and for me actually) to go back to…when you need to remind yourself why working on your business (baby) at 4am is what you really want and love to do.
1. You don’t like being told what to do.
Now don’t get me wrong. I know you do take directions and listen to people, but deep inside you dislike being told what time to turn up to work. You resent being told what to wear and abide by ‘rules’? No way! Work your guts out for someone else to reap the benefits? Lose time with your family for a boss who doesn’t even know you have a family? Nup.
So working for yourself does mean that you often end up working way more hours than you would in a regular job – and at first its probably for $2 per hour or less. But you do it because you LOVE it. You love it all. You have passion and drive. You get to drive the bus – at your own speed. You do it because you know you can do it. It gives you satisfaction, pride and purpose. It also gives you a variety of emotions and most of all you can do what you want, when you want.
I wrote about taking my laptop to my kids Sports carnival here. And I don’t regret a thing. I was there for her and clapped/cheered when needed and bought her home happy and tired.
I got to decide. By doing this I got choice. And the choice gave me the freedom not many regular jobs can give.
Side story: I remember very clearly working for a financial planning company (where I was well paid and it was an easy job for me to do daily) and my kid was so sick we were at the Emergency Dept till the early hours of the morning. She was ok in the end and I called my (female) boss at 8am to explain why I wouldn’t be at work that day. Her words to me were ‘Sometimes you need to have a plan B at times like this’. I said goodbye, called an old workplace and got my old job back. I resigned the next day.
Working in a small business you get to make your own rules and for the most part (unless you are bound by business hours) you can work to your own schedule. In most case you have to make your own rules as for some of you, if you don’t work – you don’t eat.
Working with your strengths is something I always refer to. So do that. If you are up early and productive at 5am – do that. I do this often and can smash out my writing and work at three times the speed than after 3pm. The phone is not ringing, its quiet and my brain is fresh. But if you are a night owl and work well after 7pm – do that. Make your own rules! I know of people who work for 6 weeks, then take 6 weeks off. Continually. I also know a lot of people who live location-free and travel whilst working from their laptop, educating their kids along the way.
You don’t like being told what to do – it doesn’t mean that you don’t pay your taxes, submit your paperwork to the Government or pay your bills. That bit is being responsible. As long as you are not hurting anyone or anything, run your business however you like.
I’ll chat about the 2nd reason on the next blog… as for now? I’m off to the beach to dip my toes in the water before I pick my girl up from school.
Its what I like to do, and my boss encourages it. 😉
Emma xx
P.S I will be doing another 6 reasons over the next few weeks, but I’d love to know your thoughts on this, comment below!
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