Simon’s Story

With Emma Queen

Simon’s Story

The power of hypnotherapy astounds me still and I thought I’d share a lovely story from a client in New Zealand. Have a read:

I was a little nervous prior to meeting Emma as I had never been put into hypnosis before and was not sure what to expect. 

Emma was warm and friendly and put me at ease very quickly, I felt comfortable and I quickly trusted her and the process that she described.

Being in hypnosis was not what expected, I didn’t know really what to expect but it was not what I felt that’s for sure ( I didn’t run around like a chicken or anything like that)!. 

For me, being in hypnosis was a very relaxing experience and I was in full control of myself at all times, at times I did wonder if I was actually in hypnosis as everything seemed so normal. I say normal but is it normal to be able to bring up old memories from my past, to look at the scenes and describe to Emma what was happening? How I was feeling at that time and describe lots of emotions? And is it normal to be able to do that without feeling scared or worried but just observe what was happening in the scene all the while listening to Emma’s guiding voice? I guess I was in hypnosis after all but it was a very natural, pleasant and relaxing feeling.

I initially went for my RTT session to work on my money blocks but I got so much more. Delving into the past and seeing what my subconscious brain had taken from certain events from my past was fascinating as were the links I have been making since the session. Towards the end of my session, Emma gave me a recording that I was to play to myself for at least 21 days ( if not more ), its only 9 minutes long so it is possible to listen to it each day if you are wanting the best results from your session.

What did I expect from RTT? I went in with an open mind expecting everything and nothing, what I got was an instant understanding as to how my past has formed my adult life and shaped all aspects of me (way much more than just the initial money block ). As the weeks go by since the session (and still listening to the recording ) I am getting a lot of deep inner changes inside, it’s very subtle and gentle and it’s a lovely solid secure feeling knowing that I am slowly but surely shedding off my old skin and naturally moving into the person I was always meant to be – I am very much enjoying the continued results I am experiencing.

Would I recommend Emma? Of course, I would, without hesitation!

And has this session changed my life? I would have to say yes it has, I am very pleased that I decided to go through with the RTT session and I am so very grateful to Emma for guiding me through it.

Simon – New Zealand

Wow! What a great testimonial from Simon! Thank you!