Re-write your story

With Emma Queen

Re-write your story

I talk about this a lot with my friends. I’m so lucky that I have people around me that are open to this. And when I say ‘this’…I mean the stories we tell ourselves.

Because essentially we tell ourselves stories all the time. It’s kinda like a narrative of why we can/can’t do something, and to be honest – we are entrenched in them. We can’t see or hear them unless someone/something questions you about them.

I’ll give you an example, but I’ll include what I would say before and after I realised this ‘story’ concept:

Before: I can’t find the time to write.

After: The story I’m telling myself is that I can’t find time to write.

Can you see how this changes the narrative a little? It also takes the edge off the self-talk around not finding the time to do something. Don’t you think?

Ok, I’ll give you another example. And yes…this was something I would say often.

Before: I am crap at finishing things. What a waste!

*Note: Things were books, courses that I had paid for.

After: The story I am telling myself is that I am crap at finishing things; this is a waste.

Again, notice the shift in energy around this statement now?

Another one:

Before: I can’t leave my job as I committed to my mortgage and my family relies on me.

After: The story I am telling myself is that I am in a job that I don’t like, and I need to figure out an exit strategy.

Ok, you might not be able to leave straight away, but working on a strategy to change this puts you in forward momentum. Rather than the finality of ‘I can’t leave my job’.

When we shift into noticing that this is a ‘story’, We allow ourselves to create a new story. It permits us to re-write it. It gives us the idea that we are not stuck with the statement.

And my friend, you are not stuck in your story if you have been telling it for 30 years. Yes, you may be great at telling it, embellishing it and even making it juicier (we humans are great at this!)…but what if it was JUST a story and you could create another dialogue?

What new stories could you create to change your life or shift directions?

What story are you hanging onto?

What story didn’t you realise you were telling yourself?

What and how can you change this?

Change the story. Change your life.

You can do it, how do I know this?

Because all your life you’ve been responding to the suggestions of others and your self talk. So if this resonates, you have the power to use it.

Emma x