New book 2020 is a Shitshow

With Emma Queen

New book 2020 is a Shitshow

Well! What a year! And we are still in it!

Introducing my new eBook ‘2020 is a Shitshow – let’s get through it’.

I wrote this book after coaching so many people this year and watching what is happening in the world.

In a year, we all never planned for – this book will give you the 5 steps to get through it.

It’s for you if:

You are flailing around, looking for a direction after 2020 has put you into a tailspin
You’ve forgotten who you are and you don’t know what to do now
You’re struggling with setting goals for the future
You know there is a light at the end of the tunnel…yet you keep losing sight of it
You’re being pulled into the ‘fear’ of 2020

Take back your control and move forward. Today.

Get your copy on the links below:

Gumroad (PDF)


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