Meditation is the new hustle

With Emma Queen

Meditation is the new hustle

At the beginning of a new month, I always reflect on the past one. I look back at the lessons and the experiences and often ‘journal’ this out as part of the process. There is no special secret to this, I just look back at my diary (and facebook posts actually)…and write out what I did, how did I feel and what happened as a result.

Have I always done this? Not really, I suppose I have done versions of this, but over the last few months, I have really nailed this process. So, I guess it’s taken practice…as do most things.

I also track my income. (This is outside of my regular business bookkeeping). I track what’s coming in, and I also track ‘value’. I learnt this from my business mentor Denise Duffield Thomas. She taught me to ‘value’ the little things. For example, if a friend buys me a coffee, then I put $3.50 in my app (yes, there is an app for everything) for ‘value’. If I find 10 cents on the floor (I did last night), I also put that on the app. Sound silly? It’s bloody not…It makes me super appreciative and aware of what’s going on around me. I may do another post on this another day… but today I am talking about reflection of the past month.

So, I look back at the experiences and results. I look at my income, and I look for patterns. Do I sound a bit mad yet? Maybe, but this shit works! When we find the patterns of success or failure, we can either recreate them or learn from them.

Nearly a year ago, I discovered Dr Joe Dispenza. A scientist who blends science with spirituality. I love the way he backs up the woo-woo stuff with brain scans, heart graphs and evidence. It’s right up my ally, and this could resonate with you too. So just look him up – he is all over YouTube and the internet. His books are fantastic and are life-changing.

He teaches us that meditation is the key to getting out of our own way. Getting ‘beyond’ ourselves is the answer.

I had toyed with meditation over the years but didn’t have a lot of luck with it – because you know…busy head. But I just tried a few minutes a day. Then these few minutes turned into longer as the weeks progressed.

I just kept doing it.
I meditated on days I didn’t want to.
I meditated on days I REALLY didn’t want to.
I meditated in the car.
I meditated at the beach.
I meditated in the rain.
I meditated in the microseconds of a boring conversation with someone.
I meditated at the lights when I stopped in traffic (eyes open!)
I meditated when I was unwell.
I went back to meditation when I was interrupted by doorbells and phones ringing.
I meditated as the neighbours argued and I could hear them through the wall.
I meditated for 20 seconds, 2 minutes, 20 minutes and more.
I meditated on planes, in airports and in Ubers.

And not once…did I climb a mountain, sit cross-legged and say ‘Ohm’.

And guess what? I am still doing the above. Every day at some point.

Were there days were I forgot? Yes, there were. So, I just got up the next day and tried again.

Now, the point of this post is not about how you can meditate anywhere. The point is that the more I meditated, the more money I earnt.

The more I did ‘nothing’, the more opportunities came to me. Note what I said there…they came to me. I did not go looking for them.

The more I did ‘nothing…AKA meditate’ the more people I would meet. I made friends and created even more business for myself. And it was even better than that! This business was ‘enjoyable’ and fun!

Last year, when I first learnt all of this, and I started to meditate daily. I noticed my income increasing. I also noticed that I wasn’t working quite as hard as I was. What was happening? So I just kept doing the ‘do’. I tripled my income within eight weeks and not only could I travel to surprise my mum in the UK, but I also took time off and bought a ticket to attend the Dr Joe retreat in May this year.

Ok – I have to turn this post into ‘present tense’ as I feel like I am speaking in the past. And this isn’t happening in the past; it’s happening as I type. It’s not something I have tried; it’s something that is happening RIGHT NOW.

Now, of course, there are other benefits that have resulted in me doing regular meditation. They are; clarity of who I am, what I am doing and trusting myself more. I work faster and with ease. I don’t react to situations/people as much as I used to. Yes, I am pretty chilled these days.

I no longer feel the need to ‘hustle’. I don’t want to work ‘hard’, and I don’t!

So, essentially – meditation is my new hustle.

As a result, July 2019 has been my biggest income month in my ten years of being in business. Yes, you read that correctly.

I have been in business ten years this month and last month I earnt more in that month than I had earnt in some financial years (in the beginning).


I know, right? I am blown away too.

But let’s look at the evidence. Let’s look at the clues.

What did I do consistently? Not a lot to be honest. I simply sat down for a few moments and got beyond myself. I actually (physically) got out of my own way, and the magic happened.


And that’s the problem. I am telling you this story, and you are probably reading it telling yourself it can’t be that easy.

But! It can! And it is!

We complicate our lives with so much shit we lose sight of the simple stuff. We lose sight of what is naturally available to us.

So, if you are one of those people who are telling themselves, it can’t be that easy. You do understand by saying that – you are getting in your own way?

Why not give it a go?
What is the worse that can happen?

Nuff’ said.