Maybe you weren’t Cleopatra

With Emma Queen

Maybe you weren’t Cleopatra

*Maybe you weren’t Cleopatra*

When I talk to most people about past lives, they often jump to having a past life of someone famous or important. And of course, this is totally possible – yet for the most part…the majority of people who have had sessions with me have ‘normal’ lives. 

And yes, these everyday lives (just like ours) have their fair share of sh*t going on. Past traumas do come up – and we can totally be repeating those past hurts in our lives today. Remember, we humans love to follow patterns! So when a trauma of sorts comes up, I deal with them in the session and allow people to heal from their past and current hurts. 

My favourite way to have a session is to tap into the gold and success of a past life. We have all had so many lives; there are absolutely great past experiences that we can bring into today’s reality. Success leaves clues! What clues are there, and how can you apply them to your life today? I especially love these sessions as I can use my coaching skills to really hone in on what that person can do.

So, back to the ‘normal’ and even ‘mundane’ lives, we have all had. Even those shed some light on why we feel the way we feel. I had one client just before Christmas who came to me to get some guidance on her business and have a ‘play’. These ‘play’ sessions are great as we basically jump in and out of lifetimes and just have a ‘see’ of what went on. But – I know from experience…that when we let go of an attachment around why they are seeing me…something else plays out. Allow me to explain more…

In the session, we went to three lifetimes, and in each of them, she was alone. She was nearly doing the mundane things too. You know, making food and tending to a mother. She felt alone and felt like she was waiting a lot. This was the theme of the lives, and whilst I don’t need to detail the scenes, the pattern was loneliness. 

At the end of the session, she mentioned that she thought that the lives would be more ‘interesting’, and I even responded with ‘did you think you’d be Cleopatra?’ Jokingly, of course! 

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and my client messaged me about her revelations over this time. She felt that she’d made a connection around the feelings of being lonely in these past three lives. And now? She feels very contented with being alone and feels fabulous and happy being solo. (she is single) She said that the need for needing a relationship (near desperate) is switched off, and she is off and running. 

How cool is that? I am so happy for her! 

Yet, I think if she had come to see me around this feeling – it might not have worked. Why? Because the problem isn’t always the problem. People often come to see me to heal something in them, and of course, this works…but really…the mind knows what wants to be healed. So, as a result – a session will heal what it’s supposed to. And, of course, I will see them again for whatever else comes up. 

Another client a few weeks ago told me she wanted a hand with her business for 2022, and again we went to three lifetimes. There were patterns again, and the most significant relevance was that she needed to stand up and speak up! So that’s what she will be doing. #ilovemyjob

Lastly, my last client before the Christmas break had great revelations from her past lives session – she realised that she wasn’t having fun so much these days and that looking for joy and curiosity was going to be what she focused on. 

Your mind knows what it wants to heal. So whether we have a full 30 days together or a one-off past life regression session – I know you will get what you need out of it. 

I am truly blessed to do this kind of work now, and I can’t wait to delve in with you this year. Want to see if this is suitable for you? Let’s chat on the phone; use the link below to book in. Or, if you are ready to jump in, book in below.

Emma x

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