Life is a game

With Emma Queen

Life is a game

Life is a game, and you can shift your energy to change it

I remember playing computer games as a kid and spending hours on making sure I got to the next level. Getting to the next level was an achievement, and it opened up new worlds in the game. I got points, more tools and even more coins. Each time I lost a life, I’d get better on the next round as I wanted to survive.

As time went on, I gained more confidence and experience. This took effort and consideration.

You get me, don’t you?

And so, I realise life is just this. It’s all about up-levelling to the next level. And of course, you realise what I mean when I say it’s all energy, right?

Is there an end? I don’t think so.
Is it hard? At times, yes.

I think as we uplevel, we gain momentum sometimes and lose a life at other times. We build up skills in one area and lose them in another. We learn, grow, and we can’t ever go back a level.

I know I am not the first to use computer games as the analogy for life – but as I move through my own energetic levels, I realise that conscious awareness is vital.

Because if we are unconsciously levelling up, we can find ourselves in a life that we didn’t build. One where we find ourselves in situations of stress, unhealthy relationships and financial woes. (to mention a few).

Conscious awareness and energetic upgrades around money is the focus of my new program (starting on 19th April) – and using my own story here…upgrading my money story/beliefs has been arduous and lengthy. In fact, some of my money hang-ups were in past lives! Who knew? Well, my soul did know, and this is why I talk about it today.

Once I was consciously aware of my patterns/beliefs/stories – I decided I had the choice to change them.

Being in ‘lack’ and having negative connotations around money meant I was financially always behind. There was barely any money circulating in my life as I believed there wasn’t enough to go around, and I unconsciously thought that when I made money – it would be taken away from me. And guess what? These beliefs manifested in my life – people did try to take money from me.

So, why would I try to make money if someone was going to take it away? It doesn’t matter how much you rationalise this – this was my energy and my reality. It was my money story, and my thoughts created my reality.

And my friend, your thoughts create your reality. If you believe something to be true, it will be valid at some level.

Telling yourself, ‘I’m struggling…’
Affirming to yourself, ‘I need a break…’
Reminding yourself, ‘I can’t do this…’

All of this is true.

You will struggle.
You will always ‘need the break’.
You can’t do it.

Your thoughts and language create all of this. Your energy behind it all – also creates your current reality.

I know. It sucks! It sucks so much! And when I first heard all of this, I thought it was total shit. It sounded too easy.

But, I also realised that if nothing changes, nothing changes. And I had to change. Not just my words. Not just my thoughts.

I had to shift my energy.

I saw it in a way that I had NO OTHER choice. Or I would always suffer. Always struggle.

I did the work. I kept doing the work. And to be honest? I am still doing the work.

And you can too. You can change your life/mind/thoughts and create anything you put your mind to.

Awaken to your current energy/vibration and decide if you are going to upgrade this.

And if you are? You know where I am.

Emma x

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