Lessons in detachment

With Emma Queen

Lessons in detachment

Leading on from this week’s blog on surrender, I mentioned detaching from the outcome. If you haven’t read it yet – please head there now. Then come back to this one. 🙂

So we need to surrender, let the F go and allow all that is coming to us. You get that, right?

Ok, I get it. The surrender part is a bit to get your head around, well…wait till you figure out you need to be detached from the flippin’ outcome! WTF OMG OMFG WWTTFFFFF!!!

I know, right?

Letting the F go is all around surrender and being detached from what you want. It’s a mindf***.

Yet. This is how it all works. Energetically, when your’e attached to something happening, it won’t bloomin happen. And when you’re REALLY attached, it will never happen.

This whole concept is kinda like stepping on the brake (surrender) and the accelerator (attached) at the same time. It won’t get you anywhere.

And! It should be noted that detaching from the outcome isn’t the same as a lack of caring. Intentional detachment means recognising although you might want a certain outcome, you know that it’s not completely in your hands.

So, I guess by now you’re curious on the ‘how’ for this? Before I head into that, allow me to share something:

Abraham-Hicks say:

“The reason you want every single thing that you want, is because you think you will feel really good when you get there. But if you don’t feel really good on your way to there, you can’t get there. You have to be satisfied with what-is while you’re reaching for more.”

So, the how? It’s feeling GOOD NOW.

Yes, right now.


Feeling good now and allowing this feeling to increase helps you detach from the outcome you have set. For most of us, we often think we will be happy ‘when’…

Again, another how? I can hear you thinking, you know…

My ways around feeling GOOD NOW are as follows, but clearly, you can do whatever you like as you are you!

  • I chuck on my fave songs, ones to really make me dance/wiggle! Music can change my mood very fast. I am sure this is the same for you. I pop my headphones on and can often be found bopping around the supermarket as I shop. Music can increase your mood, and remember to pick songs that make YOU happy.
  • I put a timer on a write the FATTEST gratitude list ever. 10 mins, and I can’t stop till the timer goes. The fact that I apply the time to this means I am stretched. I want to dig a bit deeper when I am feeling low. This is where the magic really happens. Can I read my handwriting? Nope. It doesn’t matter! All that matters is that I change my state and FEEL GOOD NOW.
  • I visualise my goal and really FEEL into it. How will I feel? Then I feel that feeling NOW. What will I see? Then I see it all in my mind NOW; then I check in on how THAT feels. What will I hear? Smell, taste? I use all my senses and feel all the feelings NOW. I don’t stop till I feel some physical sensation in my body – a tingling on my skin or in my belly…or the rush of excitement!

When we FEEL GOOD NOW – this allows detachment from the outcome, and we can really surrender into what is coming to us.

When you focus on external things/situations/people/experiences to make you feel good, you’ll be forever chasing those feelings.

It all comes from within, and you can create your reality – through your thoughts, actions and letting the F go.

Emma x