I’ve Decided.

With Emma Queen

I’ve Decided.

The frustration.
The disappointment.
The constant juggle. What emotion will I experience today?

The knowing I deserve so much more.
That tug in my gut, that things could be so different.
So different.

But I am scared.
Scared of where I am right now.
Scared of where I will land.

How often are you having this type of conversation in your head?

I know I have had this many times throughout my lifetime. Relationships breakups, health decisions, career/business changes and much more.

What changed?

I decided.

Sometimes it was like a bolt of lightning, sometimes a smoldering match. At other times, it could have been something someone said, did or I witnessed.

Regardless. The answer was always that I decided.

Sounds easy? F*ck no!

Far from it.

Doable? Yes, totally.

Let’s do this.

Emma xx