Its the basics.

With Emma Queen

Its the basics.

I reckon we adults are still just like children.

Essentially we come down to the basics when there is something wrong. When I say something ‘wrong’ in today’s post, I mean feeling cranky, overwhelmed, off-centre or just plain blaaaah.

Like a baby we should still check-in with whats going on with us before delving in deep with explanations on WHY we do shit. I really think we are over complicating it all?

We could be feeling blaaah we should use the following checklist before over-analysing our brains. So ask yourself these questions:

Have I been getting enough sleep?

Have I been eating well? Or eating shit – therefore feeling shit?

Have I been drinking water? (Aim for a min of 2 litres per day)

Have I been abusing my body with alcohol or stimulants?

Am I breathing properly…? this is one a lot of people don’t even think about. So take a second to think about it now. I’ll wager that you are not using your full lung capacity as you read this (or throughout the day). Check out this interesting article on breathing…or lack thereof.

Am I getting ‘down time’? Yes even a few minutes of chill out time is helpful. If you are particularly busy, schedule it into your diary or say NO more regularly to the things that people ask you to do. I know that’s what I do…

Ok so you have done the checklist. BTW you can print a PDF version HERE if you like and stick it to your fridge.

What now? Okay it could be more, but I think you would be surprised what your body needs to function – BASIC SHIT.

Ok – so if you have gone through this and ticked YES to them and you still feel like sh*t, perhaps its time to talk to a professional or a friend. A doctor can rule out anything medical and a counsellor or coach can help with the mental stuff.

And YES I can help! Gimme a bell. 😉


Emma xx

p.s Yes I used this list yesterday and worked out I needed more sleep. So last night I got a full 8 hours. I FEEL AMAZEBALLS now!! Woot!

p.p.s Stay tuned for an Easter offer coming and the website release too…. yah!