Inner Critic FM

With Emma Queen

Inner Critic FM

I didn’t want to write anything today.

I procrastinated about finding the charger on the laptop and wondering if I needed another cuppa before I was ‘ready’.

I looked for distractions like clearing the kitchen, washing the towels and even contemplating attacking the cluttered garage (knowing that I wouldn’t return for probably days).

I checked my diary in case in the unlikely case that I had forgotten an appointment. I am a Virgo remember…that just doesn’t happen.

I tried calling a mate to see how they were doing, but they didn’t answer.

No excuses Emma. Get to it.

Oh but I can’t be bothered.
I have nothing to say.
No-one reads it anyway.
Why even waste your time?
You are crap at writing.
You have been crap at writing for years and years – even since High School. Your english teacher Mr Harding gave you a terrible mark for that essay on Animal Farm. Actually even before high school you embarrassed yourself in that spelling game when you were 8.
You don’t have anything important to say.
You should just give up.

Then I heard a voice.

“Emma, you are a writer. Change your focus – you love it, so just JFDI.”

I probably even said it all out loud.

Then I opened the laptop out and started typing this.

I still kept hearing the other voices in the back of my head as my fingers flew over the keyboard. And the more I typed, the more they started to quieten down.

I do have things to say.
I have stacks of books in me.
People read my stuff as they tell me often.
I do love to write.
Why not do the things I love?
I feel gooooood when I get things out to paper.
I like to feel gooooooood.
No, check that. I love to feel gooooood.
Yep, more of that please.
More feeling good feelings.
I deserve that.
I deserve all of it.
And more.
And even more.

See that wasn’t hard was it?

Yeh it was today. But thanks anyway.

I am loving this writing shit! Why didn’t I want to write today again? I have nearly forgotten.

Focus changed.


Changing your focus or your state is something we forget to do. We forget we are even capable of doing it as that ‘voice’ tries to tell us BS stories and prevent us from moving forward.

This blog was a perfect example of how I deal with my inner critic.

It was also a true account.

Sometimes that voice isn’t around – and all well and good. But I will be honest, it is more there than not. Even more there when I am tired, stressed or doing the ‘juggle’.

But that voice knows when to hit.
That voice knows the best time to strike.
When to manipulate what you ‘think’ you know.
It even makes you see things differently.
It makes you interpret what others say differently.

When we want to change our focus, we need to tune in. Yes tune into ‘Inner critic FM’.

It won’t be hard, its already playing full volume isn’t it? But now – you gotta listen.

Do you turn it off? Give it a go. Does that work? What about turning it down… hmmmm I must do this important thing and hopefully the sound will go down. Probably not.

Switching stations is the best option.

But first, have a little moment to acknowledge that ‘Inner Critic FM’ is a station. That its there. Thats its trying to help (in its way).

Then CHOOSE to switch the channel to ‘You got this FM’. Because really, you do.

You know at a gut level what to do. What drives you. What makes you shine.

So trust in that.
Have faith in that.
Remind yourself that you can trust yourself.
Because you may have forgotten. And thats ok.
You are normal.
You are human.
And you have got this.

Tune into those statements that lift you up.

You are enough.
You are loved.
You deserve this.
You are capable.
You got this.

Also do this knowing that you will mess up. You will stuff up ATF (Standing for All The F****** time). So forgive yourself for this even before you royally screw it up.
Remember, learn and repeat.

You got this. Now JFDI.

Emma xx

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