I told her she was rude and she hired me

With Emma Queen

I told her she was rude and she hired me

Being you.

Being the REAL you.

Being the YOU that is unapologetic, authentic and real.

Why are you being fake?

Why are you saying ‘things’ to fit in? Doing things to fit in. Wearing things to fit in.

Why are you not being you? Do you think you know what people are thinking? You think they are concerned with YOU?

I got news for you my friend. They don’t really care. In fact its rude of you to assume you know what they are thinking. Because you have no idea.

So I often have coffee chats or Skype ‘coffee’ chats with various people around the world to see if we are a good fit for coaching. After all, we get to spend a fair bit of time together and if they don’t get my sense of humour ….we don’t get along then we don’t go any further.

Just last week I was having one of these conversations and the person told me their fears about what they thought others would ‘do’ – if she did the thing she wanted to do…what did I say?

I told her she was rude (actually I could have used harsher language, but lets keep this PG). I told her it was rude to assume what people thought. It was rude to inject her ideas into how people act. How dare she? In fact it was even a bit selfish.

Because you have no clue what is going on in peoples lives. You don’t know how they think. You actually don’t want to know!

But. You do know what is going on inside your noggin’. You CAN control that sh*t. You CAN control your reactions/emotions. No one else can control that. That’s your business.

After I told she was rude and selfish, she promptly hired me for 3 months coaching! Hows that?

Enjoy your day peeps, and remember to be YOU. Just you, as everyone else is taken.

Emma xx

OFFER: I am taking just 2 people for 1:1 coaching who are ready to make the next step in improving their lives. We start on Friday this week.

This is what we will be covering (amongst other things!)

Getting clear about why you’re not there yet
What is the work you’ve NOT been doing?
What is the BS you’ve been telling yourselves about how you have to put up with sh*t?
What have you been hiding from?
We will go through your daily routines and establish what is and isn’t working
We will delve in deep about WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK and remove that BS for good
Plus much much more!

How will you work with me?

2 x 90 min phone/skype sessions over 4 weeks plus 2 x 35 min phone/skype sessions per week for extra accountability
Day to day access to PM/email so I can help you in any way I can – again over 4 weeks

What can you expect as a result?

You getting your sh*t done on a higher level
More time and more energy
More focus and clarity
Purpose and confidence in your life
You will stop doing sh*t that holds you back and that you don’t want to do


Remember there are just two places!

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I’ll be honest, I will interview you and find that you are not ready, you will get a refund. My clients are READY to roll up their sleeves and do their THING. xx