I knocked Eckhart Tolle from #1

With Emma Queen

I knocked Eckhart Tolle from #1

Okay so you may not have heard of Ekhart Tolle. But if you read or are into anything self-development wise you would have to be living under a rock. He is like the master of self-development and I am a big fan.

Over the weekend (Saturday actually) I was messing around with Amazon account as I had recently put my book on Amazon. I thought I’d just check the settings and I saw that I was listed as #10 in the Best Sellers list for Motivational/Self help. OMG!!!

Did I dance around like a mad-woman? Of course I did, and my daughter thought I had lost it. 🙂

Anyhow…by Sunday night I had achieved #4!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.52.10 PM

More happy dancing has ensued and I have had a massive smile on my face since.

It is actually beyond my wildest dreams that I would actually be talking to you (and my friends) on ways to knock Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown and Stephen Covey from the top 3! It feels quite surreal…

So back to my point. ‘How I knocked Eckhart Tolle from #1’. Well clearly it hasn’t happened YET.

I could go on about how it would be ‘nice’ to achieve that.

I could go on about how its impossible to go against a book that has been out for 6 years and sold over 2 million copies.

I could talk myself out of going for the #1 spot by thinking I am not good enough/not intelligent enough/rich enough/thin enough/happy enough/insert any other excuse in here.

I could resign myself to #4 and think that is ‘good enough’.

I could listen to others about how it was a great achievement and how can I beat that?

I could listen to that inner critic and come up with many stories about how book isn’t as good as his.

I could do lots of things couldn’t I? But hey! I won’t do any of this.

What about you? Have you thought similar things? Done the same patterns? Held similar beliefs and not gone forward in life? (And you know I am not just talking about this book here yes?)

I believe in ‘Success leaving clues’.

What has worked in the past? Replicate it! Don’t re-invent the bloody wheel if its already been done! Why make it harder for yourself in any area of your life?

So with success leaving clues… what could I start with that I know works?

Well for a start – I know that writing what you want to happen WORKS. And write it in the NOW.

I have knocked Eckhart Tolle from the #1 position in the Amazon Best Seller list for my category.

I wrote the #1 bestseller on the Amazon Charts.

I am a successful writer with a number 1 bestseller.

What could you write down to create YOUR reality?

Have you tried this technique before? If you haven’t…what have you got to lose?

I have used it for years. I write down what I want – in the present-tense. e.g. I now have…. I am…

Then I imagine how it would feel, what would I see, what can I hear etc… its so awesome to dream about it.

Then I decide it is done. With as much faith as I have about driving on those curvy ocean roads…knowing that a car won’t crash into me (Use whatever works I say…. faith is a hard one to grasp.. so use something you know you have faith in and replicate that feeling.)

You can use this for any area of your life.

I am rich – try to be specific if you can, e.g. yearly income and by when.

“It is the 1st Jan 2017 and I earn $200,000.00 pa”

I am healthy and fit – again get specific…

“It is the 1st March 2017 and I am now a size 12. I run 5kms, 3 times per week and my hair and nails are a sign of my health.”

Again…what is the harm in talking about the NOW?

I have some great examples… I have a client who is an artist and she did this exercise with me a few months ago. She told me the story of how she is now an international artist and how her exhibition in Hawaii was a success. She wrote that all down and really imagined what it would feel like, what she would see and what she could hear/tell herself.

I kid you not. Just weeks later she got an invitation to exhibit in London!!! Now her art is to be displayed in Chelsea next month. Hawaii? Who cares! This is even better. So now she is an international artist. Kinda cool huh?

Another cool example is of a good friend of mine. She decided to write a list in the NOW for a man in her life. e.g. He is tall and strong. He has 2 children and lives within a 15 min radius of my house. She again imagined how it would feel, what she could see and what she could hear.

I sh*t you not. Just 2 hours later he turned up in her life. OMG!

I have used this personally and have so many examples, I could write another book on the subject. I even ‘mocked’ up my book last year (made a cover and attached it to another book in my bookshelf) then I held it. I thought about how it felt to be published and people reading my book. I thought about what I would hear, see, feel etc. What happened? Well you know that one! It was in my hand a little over 8 weeks later.

Is it manifestation? Is it woo-woo? What is it? Who really cares I say! I just know it works.

But the key is always ‘belief’ and ‘faith’. Every time.

I know when I have’t achieved what I wanted…it was because at some level I didn’t believe it to be true.

What about you? Have you tried this yourself? Do you know anyone this has happened to?

My friend, you have ZERO to lose by writing this down. Why not give it a go?

So here is mine again:

I have knocked off Eckhart Tolle from #1 in the Amazon Best Seller list by December 2016.

What are you going to achieve? I’d love to know!

Emma xx

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