I forgot

With Emma Queen

I forgot

I’m totes ok with putting my hand up and saying I am far from perfect. Imperfectly perfect I call myself actually.

This last week I didn’t do my usual daily rituals.

*what are they? I’ll tell you at the end of the post*

This last week I was out of routine.

This last week I missed a few things.

This last week I was lazy.

This last week I was caught up in my thoughts/other peoples dramas and stories.

This last week I was not caring for my body or mind.

This last week I was watching trashy tv on my ipad to escape.

This last week I was focusing on ‘easier’ things to focus on.

This last week I distracted myself with crap.

This last week I didn’t use my diary.

This last week I told myself that I ‘deserved’ it/that thing/time off/that food.

This last week I listened to my inner critic.

This last week I even took the ‘advice’ of that inner critic.

This last week I was normal.

I achieved ‘average’ results from barely average effort. Am I being tough on myself? Shit yes. Who else am I accountable to? But to me. To my kid. To my business. To my mission and goals in life.

I am not here to be average and not push myself. I am not here to ‘take the easy road’ and sit back to watch others achieve greatness. I am not here to relax and live with ‘hope’ that it will be ok.

Its not ok.

By the way, if this blog is rubbing you up emotionally – perhaps its time to stop being average yourself.

How did (and do you notice how I say this is past-tense?) I remedy this?

How did I get outta that funk? That place which feels like crap.

I got over myself. I got over feeling sorry for myself. I got over it all. I let go of beating myself up. I let go of berating myself. I let go and I forgave myself.

Then I went for a walk in the cold and rain. I talked to a friend in need. I had a coffee and journalled my shit out. Then breathed.

Then I got back to my daily rituals. My diary. My focus. And breathed some more.

It took minutes. Not days or weeks. And no I didn’t beat myself up for not realising it was easy to do. I let go of that shit too.

Stop hanging on.

Stop blaming.

Stop the finger pointing.

Take responsibility and…





Off you go.

Emma xx

p.s Yes I do a lot in my life and business that uses the foundations of daily rituals. (Amongst more things) Wanna know more? I have a cool training coming soon, so if you want to know when please add yourself to this mailing list and you will be the first to find out.