I don’t believe in positive thinking.

With Emma Queen

I don’t believe in positive thinking.

Its true. Its a load of BS.

“Oh if you just think positively everything will be ok…”

“Just put it out to the universe and positive things will happen…”

Yep I am a life coach – yet I believe all this positive thinking is CRAP.

Its like saying “There is no truck, no truck, no truck.” When there is an effin’ truck.

Its like saying “There are no weeds in my garden.”

You can talk ‘positive’ all you like but it doesn’t change anything without the secret ingredient. In fact its not even secret. You know what it it is. I’ll tell you in a moment if you don’t know what it is yet…but first a mini story.

When I worked in the finance area (prior to owning my business) I worked in the field of superannuation and pensions. We would have people about to retire and I heard a statistic that shocked me. 60% of retirees factored in a lottery win into help funding their retirement.




The scary thing about people saying they will win the lottery…is they don’t even buy a bloody ticket!

So that is the (not so secret) secret. TAKING ACTION.

Buying the ticket is taking ACTION.

Moving away from the truck is taking ACTION.

Weeding your garden is taking ACTION.

Speaking positively and TAKING ACTION is the way to go.

Putting it ‘out’ to the universe, then TAKING ACTION can work.

The ‘Secret’ movie was ok – but I think it gave people permission to put their dreams out there and wait. It was missing the ACTION bit.

So I call bullshit on positive thinking.

Take action and change your thoughts to a more positive spin. You get what you focus on peeps… focus on the bad shit happening…yep it could happen. Focus on the better stuff – take effin’ ACTION and JFDI!!

Nuff said.

Emma xx

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