I Can’t

With Emma Queen

I Can’t

I can’t lose weight.

I can’t do that.

I can’t go there.

I can’t do that thing.

I can’t.

It’s easy to say what you can’t do hey? Super easy in fact…as you are actually wired to ‘can’t’. You are wired to focus on what you cannot do.Yep it’s that cave­man thing again my friend.

Imagine this. Foraging around in the cave looking after your offspring…one ear out for the sabre toothed tiger potentially coming to attack you and your family. You kinda had to be wired for ‘fight or ‘flight’ didn’t you? Obvs! Can you tell I hang around a 13 yr old these days? LOL 🙂

Well I hate to break it to you, but we still do it. Although these days the tiger is more likely: work/school/money/relationships/life. Go Google that sh*t if you don’t believe me. Your reptilian brain is still in there (somewhere).

So back to the conversation of what we talk about ALOT.

I can’t.

Now before you jump on the defence­fence, stop and think about it for a minute. You do it don’t you? People around you say it too. Tune into ICANT.FM and you will hear it….day in and day out.

If you only know what you can’t do ­ and I am referring to ‘don’t’ ‘couldn’t’ ‘shouldn’t’ ‘wouldn’t’ and all the rest here too. How do you know what you CAN do?

I’ll give you a hot tip. Flip it to the opposite.

I can’t lose weight = I can lose weight

I can’t do that = I can do that

I can’t go there = I can go there

I can’t do that thing = I can do that thing

I can.

Yep I am sure you have been collecting stacks of evidence/beliefs to support your theories’. But why not challenge your beliefs today and see what happens? What is the worst that can happen? Probs nuthin’.

You get what you focus on my dear. You are what you say you are. That school yard stuff is true.

Think about it.

Then flip it to something that you CAN do.

Off you go.

Emma xx

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