I can’t remember.

With Emma Queen

I can’t remember.

It’s the same thing. Over and over again.

The same bloody pattern. The same mistakes. The same thoughts.

When will I learn my lesson? When?

I am so frustrated. Angry even.

Over. It. All.

When will I learn?

Then. A voice inside says…”When you have actually learnt it…”

Nooooo! What? I haven’t learnt this lesson (and others) yet?

“No. You haven’t…”

More frustration. More berating… why haven’t I? Am I stupid? What is going on? Surely I can’t be doing this to myself?

“Yes, you are…”

Why the f*** why? How bad does it have to be to change?

“Sometimes really bad, sometimes not…”

So what is the message here? What do I do?

“Stop resisting it. Just let go…”

Well, really? That’s not very practical is it? So I just sit back and watch all this sh*t happen before my eyes?

“Yes, let it go. Let go of the resistance. Let go of the outcome. Use your inner faith and believe in you. This lesson is mean to happen, as have all lessons. At the right time, for the right reasons. Let go of needing to control everything. Oh and breathe…”

It can’t be that easy can it?

“Yes it can, and yes it is. Let it all go and breathe…”


Sound familiar? Perhaps the first bit does, maybe not the second bit..? But if you really ‘tune in’ and actually had a conversation with yourself…with your intuition. What would it say?

What intuition? I know, I know. I believe we have forgotten that we have all the answers inside of us and are looking ‘outside’ for answers. But you really do have all the answers, you know. You can learn to trust yourself again. You can learn to ask yourself. If you are looking for permission to do this, then here it is. Go do that.

It’s quite normal to forget who you really are – there is so much going on around us isn’t there? So many extra things to focus on, things to worry us and things that take up space in our brain. But I know that you can remember you.

I get it.

I have been there. So many times. But these days I forget who I am for about a day or so, then I remember again. It used to be months/years, but I have worked out strategies to remind me. I’ve even worked out what triggers me and how to notice it.

I can teach you too. Or not. I am not a sales person, but I do know my sh*t and I have helped so many women in this area. So if you want the help, here it is.

I am looking for 4 women who keep running around in circles and know there is an answer to this. I am running this small coaching group over 4 weeks via a Facebook Private and closed group. We start on Monday.

This is how it works:

  • We have weekly group coaching sessions via FB LIVE, these are great as they get recorded so you can refer to them again. Plus you can ask questions about the topic we cover.
  • You and I talk on the phone for 30 mins per week and get totally accountable
  • You get access to me via PM or email throughout the 4 weeks – unlimited!
  • This kind of coaching usually costs over $1000AUD. But I am offering it for just $297 because I keep finding women who are not putting themselves first – caring for you…makes you a better mum/daughter/sister/partner/worker/biz owner.
  • These 4 weeks will create a massive positive change in your life – so you had better be ready to do the work. And when I say ‘work’, it’s in no way harder than what you are doing right now hey?
  • There are only 4 spots available – so it’s first in, best dressed! PM me to lock in your spot today – this will fill fast.
  • I’ll then invite you to the private Facebook group – ‘I remember me’. You can introduce yourself there and we will organise your phone coaching sessions too.
  • It’s a JFDI moment ladies!

Emma x