I can’t

With Emma Queen

I can’t

So I am sitting here thinking about how I could do a thousand things.

There is always a thousand things to be done isn’t there? Always a list to follow. A list to make and a list to shove back into the drawer.

There’s also another thousand things that I could do.

I could do so many things. Yet I don’t. Why? Beats me.

Maybe I am as lazy as I think.
Maybe I am a procrastinator.
Maybe I like to be driven by a deadline. Okay now I am lying to myself. Deadlines sh*t me.
Maybe I am keeping myself busy with rubbish so I don’t have to focus on the real thing.

Whats the real thing?


My actual thoughts.
My actual realisations.
The lies I tell myself.
The excuses I tell myself.

Why I can’t do that.
Why I can’t go there.
Why I can’t.

I can’t is easy. So effin’ easy that I do it all the time.

I can. Hmmmm thats a bit harder. Yet its the bit that gets me going. The bit that keeps me alive.

I can do that.
I can go there.
I can.

Now it feels more achievable. Look at that will you? Its just a word. CAN.

The words and the language we use on ourselves is huge. We are often essentially repeating the track of I can’t. I won’t. I shouldn’t.

What if for one day we changed the track to I can?

I can knock three things off that list.
I can get outta my chair and move.
I can get clear on what I want to do.
I can move forward.

I can.
Emma xx

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