I am too busy for meditation or mindfulness

With Emma Queen

I am too busy for meditation or mindfulness

I know. 

I say it too. And I know that most of you repeat this mantra.

I reckon that is part of the problem. You are programming yourself and believe it. 

Therefore you are too busy to do these things. 

What if you walked around for a week saying you had the time to meditate or be mindful? Would you do it? Would you believe it? What could change? And let’s be honest, you have nothing to lose by saying it. 

Cos’ the facts are real and science backs this up. 

If you are a fact-checker, read this great article on this topic: read here

The basics are that just 11-20 mins per day of some kind of meditation or mindfulness will reduce your stress, gain you focus, have better relationships, heal your body and make you a nicer person! #whatsnottolove

PLUS the stress hormone called ‘cortisol’ reduces and this affects you positively! Your health, your physical body and your mental state are affected in many ways, again here is a list for you fact-checkers. Read here.

I know what you could be thinking ‘but this seems too easy‘. Well, it is and it isn’t. The easy bit is that everyone can put 11 mins a day away, the harder bit is that consistency isn’t most people’s fave thing to do. They also want results yesterday. So, they try for a few days and then give up as they can’t see the results instantly. 

The other part of this equation is that most people don’t feel great about themselves. That they aren’t ‘enough’. So they won’t put the effort in to look after their health through easy and free things like this. But that’s for another day – stay tuned for part 3 and 4 on these topics coming soon.

Emma x