I am not worthy.

With Emma Queen

I am not worthy.

You say it.

I say it.

Your parents say it.

Your friends say it.

Your kids say it.

Okay – they may not physically say it. But mentally, for sure.

Think about it.

The question of worthiness will come up throughout the day, week, month and year. And most of us don’t recognise that voice inside our head asking the question.

Am I worthy of this thing/experience/person/emotion?

Am I good enough?

Questioning ourselves. The tape in our heads asking, asking, asking. This tape that plays continually, even in our dreams.

I can’t do that.

I am not worthy of it.

I can’t attempt that awesome thing.

I am not worthy of it.

I can’t lose weight.

I am not worthy enough.

I can’t achieve that goal.

I am not worthy enough.

I can’t talk to that person.

I am not worthy enough.

They can’t hear me.

I am not worthy enough.

When did you lose the value of YOU?

I’ll be frank with you my friend. Probs when you were a kid.

For some fucked up reason you thought you weren’t good enough. It could have been a look, a feeling, a word or words, an experience – whatever. It was something and it caused a belief to form. You gathered evidence of it. They played that strategy since then.

Its okay. We all do it. Its common. Normal even…

What happened, happened. No blame. No judgement. It happened.

No need to go into the story. No need to delve in. No need to dissect it.


Move the fuck on.

Its not helping you.

That strategy isn’t helping you.

Do you need to be fixed? Nope – no one ‘needs’ fixing. Yes they could be a little bruised and bumped. But not broken.

Change it.

Change the belief.

You ARE enough.

You ARE worthy.

Is that too easy? Aren’t things meant to be HARD?

Only if you choose that to be.

If you think it will be hard. It will be.

What if it was easy?

What if change was easy and perhaps even a little bit fun?

What if you decided today that enough was enough?

You tried a new strategy? You tried a new ‘hat’ on?

What if you tried it for a week? What could happen?

I wonder.

Emma xx

p.s You know by now that I am a coach. If you don’t, please get out under that rock. I can help. In fact I want to help – just ask my friend. BUT if you happy in your pain. Don’t contact me. x

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