I am not doing it

With Emma Queen

I am not doing it

I have been putting something off.

I have been procrastinating. And I mean REALLY procrastinating. Totally doing so many other things just to NOT do it. Totally focusing on other projects and pushing this one to the side.


This is an odd feeling, because as you may know – I get sh*t done!

I put my mind to something and usually ‘decide’. Yes, yes, that’s my process. Quite easy huh? In theory…riiiight?


Here I am.

NOT doing the thing I know that will help me.
NOT doing the thing that I know will do so much for my life.
NOT doing.
Just procrastinating.
And ‘faffing about’ I might say.

One could argue that perhaps it’s not for me. Perhaps my sub-conscious is trying to tell me something. Perhaps I shouldn’t bother.

But my instincts are telling me something else. And the older I get, I listen to that ‘gut feeling’ more and more. It’s usually bang on.

So this thing, and yes it’s also that thing you have been putting off…It’s easy to do. It’s very doable. In fact it’s nearly a no-brainer.

So WHY are you not doing it? WHY am I not doing it?

It’s interesting. When I get something like this happen, I usually journal it out or watch the waves and ask myself questions. It really is the only way. But you do what you need to do, or copy me. It’s all good.

YET I do this with ZERO judgement on myself. You have to, my friend. Otherwise you get into this worm-hole of self-flagellation and bullsh*t…and you might never ever come out.

Do your thinking around WHY you are procrastinating without judgement and a lot of self forgiveness. Whatever comes up, just let it go – with love. It’s the only way. Try it.

For me, when I journalled on why I wasn’t doing this thing – it was I feared judgement from others. Funny, considering I think I care-less these days about what people think of me…but in all honesty – I do care. So much! And that’s why I am HUMAN.

I am not perfect.
I am full of flaws.
I am normal.
I am ok with all of that.

Sometimes you can be the juiciest peach in the world. And not everyone will love peaches. (Thanks Taylor Swift). People will judge, but not everyone will.

What if people are inspired by what you do instead?
What if people are motivated by what you achieve?
What if?

Gosh, I feel better already. Thanks!

So today, I will focus on that thing. And so will you.

Onwards and upwards.
Emma xx