Healing the inner child – symptoms

With Emma Queen

Healing the inner child – symptoms

One of the awesome tools I use with clients in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is around healing the inner child.

When we use this in a session, it’s incredibly healing and transformative. My clients love the process and continue to use it well after our sessions.

You may have heard about healing the inner child or maybe toyed with the idea of doing it – and didn’t know where to start. Well, I figured I’d share what I know, what I have learnt and how to start this unique modality.

Before we head anywhere, let’s have a chat about the symptoms of needing to work on your inner child.

There are a few, but to give you an idea… I’ve listed a number below:

  1. Your boundaries are weak or non-existent, or any boundaries you may have are very strict and inflexible. This can present as people-pleasing and struggling to say NO to people. You also avoid conflict as a result.
  2. You have a fear of abandonment. Sometimes this fear feels quite deep and nearly inexplicable. This affects the relationships in your life and often lead to anxiety and depression.
  3. You are prone to addiction. Addiction is often a symptom of underlying trauma that hasn’t been processed. Rather than confronting our issues and letting ourselves feel pain, we numb our emotions to avoid feeling at all costs.
    The truth is, you’re not really addicted to the substance itself; you’re addicted to the relief and escapism it provides you.
  4. You self-doubt yourself and have trust issues with yourself and others. A wounded inner child doesn’t trust as it’s easier than getting hurt again.
  5. You feel ‘not enough’ and have trouble expressing emotions such as anger and sadness. You attach shame to these feelings, and self-loathing occurs.

Wow, what a list! It’s pretty confronting, isn’t it?

But it’s ok – there are solutions to this. – So stay tuned! I will be talking about these over the next week or so.

For me, working on healing my inner child has been great. I didn’t even think this was a thing till around 18 months ago. Connecting and healing my inner child has definitely bought things up and remedied stuff I wouldn’t have normally associated with things I was doing in my life. It’s been a journey – that’s for sure!

As for my clients, conversing with the younger version of themselves in the sessions (and afterwards) has been enlightening. Loving the younger version of themselves has created remarkable healings in their minds and bodies, and I am honoured to share this with them.

In the next couple of blogs, I will delve a bit deeper into how you can work on this yourself. I will give you easy-to-digest pieces, and you can take them at your own pace.

Talk soon,
Emma xx