With Emma Queen



What image does this encapsulate for you?

I know that when I think of it… I see Mel Gibson in Braveheart. FREEDOM! Remember that film?

So what does it mean to YOU?

What is freedom? Is it financial? Is it freedom from your job/relationship/insert your thing here.

Is it having the freedom to ‘think’ or ‘do’ what you like? What is it?

We don’t want to be confined or bound to things. Maybe this is just me talking…but hey I will keep going as this is my blog post…

We don’t want to be locked into things.

Let’s take a simple thing like a mobile phone contract. Even this kind of commitment can bring things up, yes? Have a think about what you are ‘locked into’. Is it marriage? Is it a contract? It can be either good or bad… there is no judgement here. I just want you to be aware and think about how you feel about this stuff.

What could change?

Taking off on a trip or even reading a book can give you freedom. Where are you getting your freedom? I reckon you do need it at some level.

Paradoxically we need structure. We need routine, in fact we thrive with routine.

Freedom or routine. What is it? Is there a balance? Should there be a balance? Is balance a myth?

So many questions today!… Emma, yep I know…

But you know I am not asking you, dear reader. I am asking myself.

We are the same. I know that.

I need freedom like oxygen. I also need structure like water. Without the two, I would die.

I am a walking paradox.

Aren’t we all?

I want it all. You want it all.

Can we have it all? Can have both freedom and routine?

I know the answer is yes.

I know it’s possible.


By being YOU.

The real YOU.

Being YOU – you are free.

The routine bit comes naturally. I wouldn’t worry too much about it… I think we all have that bit down-pat.

Its the YOU bit we are having trouble with.

I’ll talk about it more next time. Until then… are you being yourself?

Emma xx

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