Faffing around.

With Emma Queen

Faffing around.

I am not perfect.

I don’t claim to be either.

In fact I am so not perfect I can’t even get this ‘daily’ blog thing right. I told myself that I would write daily – why? Because I do love to write! Gosh I am loving this already…!

I also wanted to write daily to get my message out to you guys – there is no point me keeping this shit a secret is there?

The other reason I wanted to write daily is to get me back in my daily habit which enabled me to write my book in just 4 weeks. Yep its true, I wrote approx 1000 words a day for 4 weeks = 30,000 words in my 7 secrets to getting sh*t done book.

Because as we know, habits create discipline. Discipline creates success – does it not?

Yet I stopped writing. WHY???? When I love it so much? When the feeling of the words flowing out of me feels ‘so right’ and I get into flow with what I am saying/writing/doing? Why stop that?

Is it me self-sabotaging myself? What is it? Am I being lazy? Not focusing on my end goal enough? Getting complacent? WHAT THE HELL IS IT?

Okay okay. I get it.

I mustn’t delve too deep.

I mustn’t ‘think’ it over too much.

It can lead down into a hole that won’t move me forward.

Thinking/talking/feeling about a thing that you have stopped doing to move you forward is the opposite of moving forward I think.

You know what it is?


Not overthinking.

Not ‘oh why me?’

Not ‘oh its his/her/their fault that I cannot x, y or z…’

Not deliberating, procrastinating and effin’ around.



Its not ‘thinking’. Its DOING.


There. I did it.

You’re welcome.

Emma xx

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p.p.s This video helps if you are faffing around too much.