Create Value & Build Trust with your clients – Part 2

With Emma Queen

Create Value & Build Trust with your clients – Part 2

Part 1 is here: https://emmaqueen.com.au/create-value-build-trust-with-your-clients-part-1/

Leading on from yesterday’s post…

How do you create value? 

Well, it’s lucky I wrote you a list, hey? 

1. WOW your clients! 

I remember a few years ago I joined an organisation’s course and unexpectedly I received a parcel in the mail with heaps of goodies! There were books, chocolates and other random things in there…but I was like ‘WOW!’ In fact, they called it a WOW box…and it flippin’ worked. I have raved about that box for years. 

Now, I am not saying that you need to mail your people cool boxes of stuff (well, you can do whatever you like I suppose) but what I am saying here is that you can WOW them in other ways. 

I tend to WOW my clients by exceeding their expectations of a project I am delivering. I also overestimate how long it will take and achieve what I need to do…early! They love this and tell others…could you do this too? 

2. Connect and share the love

Connecting with your people in this day and age is getting easier (I will give you a few more ideas, later on in this book). Connecting on whatever social media platform you prefer is doable from the comfort of your phone. Just remember not to do what so many people do…especially on Linkedin…”Hello, nice to connect – can you please buy my shit?” 

That is a big no-no. In fact, the above sentence was being polite. Most of the time, I don’t even get a please. 

You can connect and then ‘share the love’…what does that mean? Give shout-outs to fellow business owners or clients. Tag them in genuine posts and rave about them on reviews. Share their posts, especially if they are in small business. They will appreciate it. Believe me. 


I need to talk to you about something vitally important. 

Sharing the love and connecting with people either online or in person is a great idea. BUT. If you do this with the ‘intention’ of gaining business. 

I hate to tell you…

It won’t fucking work. 

If you do this with anything other than being genuine and helpful…people will work this out. It’s all about the energy (yes I am a hippy, deal with it). If your energy and intention is to gain business from sharing someone’s post – you won’t win business…or if you do…it will be the wrong business/client/situation. 

Do it because you love to do it. 

Do it because you genuinely want to create long-lasting relationships.

Do it because you can. 

Do it because you enjoy it. 

No. Other. Reason.

Stop being selfish and thinking this is a way to get attraction. You MUST do it and know that at some point you will get the business. Let go of the outcome. Besides, it will only eat you up anyway. 

3. Give your shit away

Well, you do know that I am not actually referring to your shit here, yes? 

But I am being honest – give free shit away! All the time. 

Why? This creates even more value for your potential clients. They will love you for it and tell others about you. 

Again, referring to what I just spoke about…do it without the intention of gaining business from it. This does work.! 

Plus, you meet people at every price point. ‘Oh, I can’t afford your services…’

‘That’s okay, go to my website and get some free stuff anyway…’

The amount of business I have gotten from giving free eBooks, free videos, free audios and downloads is crazy. We are in the information age, and people love to collect information. Remember this is part of the trust-building too… they will learn to trust you more. 

PS You do know that you are reading a freebie I wrote explicitly to create value and to show I am an expert in this area? #theproofisinthepudding

See you on the next blog…this is where we will start to put all this into practice. 


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