Create Value & Build Trust with your clients – Part 1

With Emma Queen

Create Value & Build Trust with your clients – Part 1

‘Trust needs to built’ wouldn’t you agree?

So, how do you build trust when there are seemingly a gazillion other businesses trying to sell their shit ‘out there’?

You may feel lost and unheard…don’t worry…I’ve been there. And it can be fucking lonely. I agree.


It’s totally doable!

Think about how you build trust with a new friend or new partner?  You spend time with them, and they get to learn about you. You give them value (i.e. time, love, etc.) and the trust builds. Keep reading…I’ll give you some fresh ideas.

Why do customers need to trust you, though?

Let’s consider that so many of our purchases are made via trust and social proof (our social circle referring people) right now.

Remember the days of the door-to-door salesmen? Or the salesman at the car-yard who ripped you off? I personally remember vacuum salespeople coming to our house when I was young…my poor parents couldn’t get rid of them!

Why didn’t we trust them?

Because they went straight for the sale and no trust was built beforehand. And often, we got scammed.

Building trust is vital in today’s marketplace.

“Relationships are the new currency.”

Going back to my example of when you meet a potential love interest – being ‘liked’ isn’t enough. The trust needs to be built before a transaction can be done. Am I right?

So we do the same with potential customers. And no, I am not expecting that you take them to dinner before you sell to them. That’s just weird and inappropriate.

The most significant area to focus on is to provide knowledge, expertise and guidance to your customer.

Be the expert.

Be the one they first turn to when they need you.

Be available when they need you (more on this in coming chapters, as I don’t want you messaging people at 2 am either).

I already hear you say “But, how?”

Lucky you asked, hey?

I have created a list for you…this isn’t exhaustive either – feel free to add to it yourself:

1. ‘Be the expert’ through creating social media content – videos, eBooks (guess what, you are reading one of mine right now!), and blogs. IMPORTANT!! This is about creating trust and value…it’s not a ‘Buy my shit’ advertisement. People will buy your shit when they feel that enough trust has been built.

2. ‘Be the expert’ through running free or low-cost events or workshops, again providing value and information to your potential people. Remember you can invite past customers, they may just re-purchase and bring their mates too.

3. ‘Be the expert’ by appearing on other people’s websites/social media/blogs/podcasts. You get to reach their audiences too…don’t forget to repay the favour though. Nobody likes a ‘taker’.

4. Communicate! When you see your people either face to face or online…be social! Converse with them and connect. Remember this doesn’t mean that you say ‘Buy my shit’. You ask them what they need and again, give value. If you provide a solution to their issue, they will buy from you. If not? That’s okay, maybe their neighbour or a friend will. People talk and often purchase through ‘social proof’ these days. This is how eBay got so huge; people purchased through reviews, trough the ‘trust’ process.

I’ll go into better detail on the upcoming blog posts, in this particular area.

Then, of course – there is creating VALUE for your potential and current clients!

That’s a discussion for another day…so stay tuned!


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