Cheat-Sheet for life

With Emma Queen

Cheat-Sheet for life

If you were to write a cheat-sheet about life, what would you say?

Mine would go like this:

* Love yourself
* Love others
* Be kind
* Believe in yourself
* Smile
* Take risks
* Fail often
* Hang out in nature often
* Read
* Learn and ask questions, then APPLY that sh*t!
* Move often
* Drink water
* Know that you are not perfect – and others are usually faking it too
* Show vulnerability
* Cry when you feel like it
* Let go of the past
* Go to the beach and gaze at the waves (or your version of this) often
* Connect with your loved ones regularly
* Dance – let go of doing this perfectly too
* Donate your money or time to people/organisations that need help
* Stop pretending that everything is okay

Imagine if you only lived by the above? What could happen? What are the possibilities?

What would your cheat-sheet on life be? Tell me!

Emma xx