Chasing happiness

With Emma Queen

Chasing happiness

Please note: this is a personal opinion. I often wrong in my thinking and I am happy to debate this subject if you are keen 😉

A common thing people are searching for is to be ‘happy’.

Is that really ALL we are looking for? A feeling?

Are we moving through this life searching for a feeling? A subjective feeling at that? Is this true?

Gosh, you betcha! Seriously… its like the ‘prize’ you may or may not get.

*BTW if this is not you. Stop reading and go do something fun*

For most people, the external stuff (items, shoes, cars or whatever) gives them these fleeting moment of happiness and then its gone. And they search for another thing. And another…and another… and so on.

Its never ending in some cases.

I used to feel this way. True story. I would buy shoes and handbags thinking they would make my life better. They did for a few minutes I’ll be honest. But long term? No. In fact, for me….they were and easy diversion to my unhappy marriage.

I would be UNHAPPY if I couldn’t afford something that made me feel ‘something’. Or I would save for months only to find that the item wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought it would be.

What changed?

I stopped relying on outside sources for my own happiness.

I started to learn about my mindset by taking course, reading books and watching YouTube. I started listening to people who were seemingly happy and following what they did.

I started taking responsibility for my actions and more importantly – my thoughts. I stopped blaming and finger pointing. I decided that I had the choice to feel ‘angry’ or ‘upset’ because of someone else’s actions.

No one MADE me feel anything anymore. I made ME feel whatever I needed to.

GRATITUDE also played a massive part in this process. I started to write down 10 things a day that I was grateful for before I went to sleep. (Such a simple yet highly effective thing to do!)

Was it overnight? Nearly…! It was over about a 6 week period that I awakened to this concept and it seriously changed my life. And still does to this day.

What a powerful revelation! That I am the key to my own happiness. It was quite an odd feeling to know this. Did I beat myself up about not knowing this earlier? Not really. I believe that I worked this out at the right time. I needed to do all that self sabotaging shit to know what I know now.

A few years on, its a great thing to share with kind of stuff with my clients and people around me. Its a total joy to see the transformation in them and their lives within days (sometime minutes!).

I reckon I have the best job in the world. #bestjobever

The point of today’s blog? Does there have to be one? Work that out for yourself my friend.


Emma xx

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