With Emma Queen


Life is funny ol’ thing hey?

You really don’t know when it will change in a moment.

A snap of the fingers, a heart beat, a breath.

It can change, just like that.

Good and bad.

The feeling of losing someone. Your life changes at that moment.
The feeling of finding someone. You life changes at that moment.

I do.
I don’t.

The decision. The moment. It changes everything.

So why do you tell yourself that it takes time to change? “Oh change is hard…”

I call BULL SH*T people.

Its hard of you say so my friend. Its hard if you tell that story.

Yep you know the one. THAT story.

You know them so well, you act them out without thought or reason.

Its hard to get fitter and healthy. Okay, you have probably designed this story upon years of evidence to support that. I get it – its what us awesome humans do. We make sh*t up. But essentially, its a STORY that you have fabricated. I have seen (as you may have, but dismissed due to your story) people’s BS story change with a snap of the fingers.

I’ll give you an example if it helps: I was on a flight home from a holiday earlier this year and there was a man who needed the extra seat belt bit for the seat. There was a bit of a scene as he was also on the seats where you get extra leg room and have to say that you are fit and healthy to help in an emergency. So the stewards were running around, moving people and trying to find the seat extension. As you can imagine he was very embarrassed at causing a fuss and people were staring at him. Finally it was sorted and I thought perhaps an incident like this could change someones life in an instant couldn’t it? Now I have no real clue on whether it actually did…its a theory that could go either way based upon that person’ s story. What if he changed his story there and then? What if he changed the story on the spot and he changed something? What if? Its definitely food for thought huh?

Have a think , what stories are you telling yourself? Are they true? And whilst you think about them, really ‘check in’ with them. Are they bullsh*t? What could you do to change them?

Do you believe that change is hard?

Try it.

Emma xx
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