Being Human

With Emma Queen

Being Human

I stuffed up.

I lost my mojo.

I lost track.

I lost my momentum.

And its ok.

Really my friend, you are stuffing up too. And it’s totes ok.

Totally ok in fact, that I want you to do it again. Then forget to beat yourself up.

Why are you so hard on yourself? You know what? Who effin’ cares? Move on and move forward.

Onwards and upwards.

This blog is not going to be ‘a pat on the shoulder, there, there, stay as a victim’ post.

It is a ‘notice this shit when it happens, and stop it’ post.

Stop looking back, stop the self flagellation. Stop the bullshit attempts at being ‘perfect’.


If it helps, I will tell you why I am human (as you are too).

Over these last few weeks I had two colds and generally felt sorry for myself. I don’t often get sick and honestly it knocked me for six. Its also a tricky one working for yourself, because if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Quite simple­ yet the pressure is there. Especially when you are doing it all on your own. (By the way, this is not to get sympathy…I wouldn’t have my situation any other way!)

But yes I am normal and I forgot to do my daily rituals­ which are journaling, moving, reading and setting goals.

Easy to forget when your head’s so full of woe is me and whiny thoughts.

Then I wondered why I felt yuck, out of sorts and like I had lost a bit of my identity.

In the past I could have spent weeks and months (years?) beating myself up about not doing what I love every day. What I know works for me every day.

How long did I spend in this mindset this time?

Oh about 3 minutes.

I ‘noticed’ it. Wrote a heap of words/thoughts out with an early morning cuppa­ then got back to it.

I moved, I read and I set my goals.

Gosh what a relief. What a relief to know that I am normal. I am human. That its ok  that I can just be ‘aware’ and move through it.

Just 3 minutes.

Why are you pretending that ‘normal’ is the self critical bullshit, martyrdom crap that we tell ourselves?

Nuff’ said.

Emma xx

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