Are you turned on?

With Emma Queen

Are you turned on?

Are you turned on?

Gosh, that question is a loaded one huh?

I can’t also tell that people will click on this blog as they are curious about this phrase.

Being turned on.

Turned on.

I’ll be honest (as I always am) – that it is whatever you make it. It’s means whatever meaning YOU apply to it.

So are you turned on?

Turned on in life? Your relationships? Your business? Your friendships? Sex? Your environment? Where you live or work? Are you?

And WHY is it even important? Some of you could be asking…what the heck is she going on about?

Well, given that you are still reading I will guess that you are either ‘turned on’ or NOT in your *insert area of life here.

So, if you are…f****** fabulous! I applaud you! In fact, if we met in person…I would ask you how?

Because my friend, success leaves clues.

Perhaps you are NOT turned on. Perhaps you have realised that you ‘could’ or at least…it could be a possibility.

First up, you totally deserve to have this.
You deserve to feel this way.
You deserve to feel alive.
You deserve to shine.
You deserve it all.

And yes, I am saying this to you, but also to myself. Because I do too.

I know, in part…it’s to do with valuing yourself. When you value yourself, you give yourself permission to shine – or to get turned on by whatever it is.

I can already hear you asking ‘how?’

What about if it wasn’t to do with ‘how’ but more about ‘be’?

What if you focused on ‘being valuable’, rather than ‘how can I be valuable?’ What does that look like?

I know that all this differs, from person to person – but for this blog…I will assume that we are all the same (we are, but you probs don’t want to hear that…lol).

* Being valuable means that I look after me.(Mentally, physically, emotionally).

* Being valuable means I tune into my self-talk. I notice when I say sh*t to myself (and about myself) and I treat that with zero judgment.

* Being valuable means that I have rituals and I stick to them. Yes, I fall off the wagon – but I remind myself constantly to achieve at least 3 rituals per day. What are they? PM and ask me! I am happy to share.

* Being valuable means that I focus on the stuff I CAN do. Not what I can’t. I could spend all day there…and so can you. #sotrue

* Being valuable means that I surround myself with peeps who are awesome, supportive and judgment free. Is that possible? Sh*t yes! Seek and ye shall find! Focus on finding amazing people and you will. I actually found most of my closest friends online. I am blessed to have them in my life and they love and support me in ANYTHING I do. In addition, they call me out on my BS stories when I swim around in them. (FYI we do meet physically too, and it’s simply magic!)

* Being valuable means that I make time for the things that fill my soul. Such as reading, writing and getting to nature. Yes, of course I’ll watch an entire season of Stranger things over a weekend too! #iamstillhuman

* Being valuable means that I take time out. I make time (even if it’s months ahead) for breaks. It gives me the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Even if it’s one night away down the coast with a book and a wine.

I could go on with this list. And so can you my friend.

So, how is all this connected to being ‘turned on’?

Trust me. It’s all connected.

If you are not valuing yourself, you are not ‘turned on’.

This could connect to any area of your life. Yes, you could be turned on in your career, but that is because you value yourself in that area…you might know your ‘worth’ and know your sh*t there.

So, take a look at another area of your life where you feel not turned on. Of course, I could be referring to sex or business. we get our juices flowing with both of these, don’t we?

Or you don’t.

So value you.

Be valuable.

Don’t ask HOW.

Be valuable.

Be you.

Emma xx