With Emma Queen


The state of ‘allowing’.

What does this mean to you? I’m pondering this with a coffee down the coast after being unexpectedly gifted an AirBnB on Friday for the weekend. Yes, I had been journalling on going down the coast and hiring a house to finish a book I had started to write. One phone call later from a friend who couldn’t take the booking, meant that I jumped in the car and headed south. Thank you, Universe!

The pondering continues – had I not been in a state of ‘allowing’, would this have happened? I believe not.

Allowing and receiving are all part of living life intentionally when we don’t allow the magic, the things, the opportunities into our lives we do block them.

And I know I blocked this kind of thing for decades.

I lived a life unintentionally.
I reacted to life’s dramas.
I knee-jerked to people’s ideas of me and how I ‘should’ be living.
I lived in a state of fear. With anything from money to relationships, from my health to my environment.
I felt I wasn’t good enough.

I felt like I didn’t deserve.

When you don’t feel deserving, the allowing and receiving will not happen.

That’s really it.

So, what changed?

I realised that I was enough.
That I am deserving of anything, I want and need.

What if I asked you if I was enough?
What would you tell me?

I know the answer.

It’s a yes.

Yes, you are deserving.
Yes, you are enough.
Yes, you can ‘allow’ in your life.

So, my friend – what will you do now?

Emma x