With Emma Queen


So here in Australia the weather has changed to Autumn. Its a funny country… it doesn’t gradually get cooler or warmer when there is a change in seasons. It suddenly drops 10 degrees overnight and suddenly the leaves are red within a matter of days (hours it seems). Then the opposite happens in Summer. 15 degrees one day, 35 degrees the next. You have to have a jumper or bikini at the ready at times like this. You have to be FLEXIBLE and adjust to change. Its a given.

So why are you harping on about the weather Emma? Yes its a bit English of me to talk about the weather but I thought it was a great comparison to our lives.

In life we have to be flexible and adjust to changes fairly often – don’t you? Or is that just me?

I feel that things happen in cycles or patterns. We do the same thing for a while, then there is a change to mix things up a bit for us. Keep us on our toes?

Who knows.

But being in-flexible (is that even a word?) can lead us to be upset when there is a change in our circumstances.

We can even resist it.

That bit can be painful don’t you think?

I personally love a fair bit of change in my life, but I know other people who are not so keen. So I thought I’d share my two tips on how I get over resistance to change.

  1. Remove the emotion around what it means to you. We can get strangely attached to situations/people etc and can feel ‘hurt’ or some other emotion around what people do to us/around us. A change in your workplace? It rarely has anything to do with you. We think that things are to do with us… what if they weren’t? Ask yourself the question? What if? Remove the emotion around the change – what else could it mean? Someone says something….are you upset at them? Or upset at yourself? Peel back a layer and see what it REALLY means. You might be surprised…
  2. Re-frame your thoughts. You may automatically say to yourself ‘This change is going to be a bad thing…’. What if you said ‘What an opportunity!’ instead? What would change if you started to think that way? You can also re-frame your words in many other ways too. Lets remember you apply the meaning to things…what if that wasn’t true?

I trust this will help you, feel free to pass along to anyone who you may benefit from it too!

I’d love to hear what you do when it comes to ‘change’. Please tell me! I may use it to share with others…you could help them…and wouldn’t that be nice?

Bye for now…

Emma xx

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